Network Services

The digital ecosystem and landscape is rapidly changing to mirror the continuous evolution of communication infrastructure, connectivity, and next gen use cases. Advanced connectivity has become the fulcrum for digital businesses with companies being increasingly focused on adding bandwidth and exploring ways to modernise their networks. Moreover digitisation has increased the heterogeneity in networks due to the addition of more touch points to cater to infinite use cases. Think about smart and safe cities, utilities, enterprises, defence and private networks, to name a few.

Network solution stitching is the linchpin for digitised networks

Network solution stitching is the linchpin for digitised networks The diversity and complexity in modern networks mixed with virtualisation and cloud-nativeness requires a set of skills, practices and expertise to plan, design, build and operate. This is where Network Services bring in the requisite capabilities, resources and expertise for global customers. We offer end-to-end system integration and uniquely tailored network solution stitching for the latest technology network stack, data centres, cloud, network infrastructure and more.
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Our Features:

Unlocking optimised performance with our intelligent network solutions

Real-time Policy Design

Global expertise in large scale network creation, deployment and management

Real-time Policy Design
Life cycle

End-to-end network lifecycle management for network and data centre infrastructure, cloud, Cybersecurity and application infrastructure

Real-time Policy Design
Centre of

In-house certified resources for solution engineering and Centre of Excellence innovation team

Real-time Policy Design

SLA-driven robust network creation and service management .Bringing in strict control and governance to enable adherence to KPI and SLA.

Real-time Policy Design
Technology agnostic and
vendor neutral solution

Network transformation with technology/ vendor agnostic solution

Real-time Policy Design

Countrywide distributed and multi-interoperable network


Aiding companies to achieve digital transformation

Real-time Policy Design
Uniquely Tailored
E2E Solution

Resolving customer pain areas of network creation, operation and upgradation

Real-time Policy Design
Modern Networks
Designed to Last

Futuristic solutions which will have a life span of at least additional 10 years

Real-time Policy Design
Total cost of ownership(TCO) Optimised Solution

Fit to the budget availability and high ROI along with 35% cost savings.

Real-time Policy Design

Exceptional performance in terms of scalability, reliability, resilience and Latency.

Real-time Policy Design

One stop pre-integrated E2E solution provider among competitors

Real-time Policy Design
2X Deployment

Faster deployment of next-gen networks

Real-time Policy Design
3X Delivery

Leverage the best technology to create highly scalable, responsive and agile future-grade networks

Real-time Policy Design
Better customer
response management

Enables order processing systems to run 24*7*365 resulting in reduced SLA violations and better ARPU

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