STL’s FTTx Mantra

A unified solution that converges Design Capability, Fiberisation and Virtualisation to deliver MASSIVE AGILE NETWORK TRANSFORMATION

The Power of ONE: While fibre provides a technology anchor for brilliant digital fireworks, the world still needs a solution that sparks design-innovation at each step of network creation.

A unified solution that converges Design Capability, Deep Fiberisation and Virtualisation to enable ubiquitous connectivity to each and every home. And moreover, a solution that delights both, the end user and the service providers

STL’s Unified Solution

Ingenious Products designed to solve the most complex customer problems

Inventive Network Design designed to create flattened, cost effective and future optimised networks

Integrated Virtualisation across network functions to make the networks software controlled, hence agile and cost optimised.

Innovative approach to Hyperscale Network deployment crafted in-house to re-engineer network roll outs in terms of scale, speed and quality

Intuitive software solutions leveraging the power of analytics and big data to unearth powerful consumer insights, which can change the way we do business.

STL’s FTTx MANTRA - Creating Unsurpassed Value

  • Industry first, unified solution for FTTx deployments
  • Software defined access network
  • Delivering superlative Scale, Agility, Latency
  • Virtualised network function
  • Faster time to market
  • Great customer experience
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