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The need for seamless Gigabit speed home and premise connectivity is shaping the FTTx landscape across the world. Due to the new trends emerging due to the recent pandemic situation, service providers are now faced with an imperative of accelerated FTTx deployments.

Over the last 10 years we have seen a shift from G.652.D to G.657.A1 as a standard transmission fiber due to the improved bend performance. As fiber density in deployments increases the next logical step in the same direction is broader deployment of G.657.A2 – the next level in bend insensitive fibers. Network installation, performance and maintenance benefits can be achieved by full, or even partial deployment of this highly bend insensitive fiber across the network, in particular if the chosen A2 fiber is fully backward compatible with legacy G.652.D fiber

Clearly the capacity driven model in Telcos/CSPs isn’t working anymore. Telcos/CSPs risk driving themselves into obsolescence by persisting with existing business models. Disruptive trends like Platformization, growing demand for OTT & other digital services and evolution of Marketplace models to lend itself to various complex use cases are the directions to pursue for Telcos/CSPs. 

Trending @STL