Digital MVNO | Roll out multiple services to create digital experience

Digital Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

MVNO can roll out multiple digital services to create digital experience
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With the next generation IP network deployments gaining globally, Mobile Virtual Network operators (MVNOs) are seen as partners in growth and innovation by operators. With the introduction of digitization, MVNOs are transforming themselves into a Digital MVNO.

With Digital MVNO solution, MVNO can roll out multiple digital services to create digital experience for their digitally savvy customers and differentiate in a saturated market and become profitable.

  • Multi Tenancy
    The platform enables MVNE to on-board multiple MVNOs on the same platform, with multi tenancy features, supporting personalization and customized branding services to every tenant viz., Product Offer, Invoice Numbering, Payment Receipt Numbering, Account Numbering, Payment Mode, Customer Category and many others.
  • B2B Commerce
    The digital MVNO platform offers a B2B commerce platform with pre-configured B2B channels, B2B Self Care, B2B2C Store, Product Catalog, Credit management, B2B order management.
  • B2C Commerce
    The B2C commerce platform enables MVNO/E with their unique commerce requirements, and to address the complexities involved in deploying a fully integrated omni-channel strategy for online, mobile and in-store functionalities for their customers.
  • Digital Care
    The platform offers digital self-care solutions (iOS/Android/Web) for a seamless digital experience, which fully integrates mobile into the commerce infrastructure.
  • Billing & Revenue Management
    TM Forum compliant Multitenant Billing and Revenue Management platform is modular as well as pre-integrated with commerce, enabling rapid digital services enablement.
  • Customer Service Management
    The customer service management module offers customer service agents (CSA), easier and faster access to information such as purchases, plans, eligible offers, usage, and payment history for quick understanding and resolution of customer requests.
  • Notifications & Alerts
    The platform enables cross-touch point notification management framework to integrate with the notifications engine, to manage alerts based on different business events such as contract expiration warnings, activations/welcome notices, dunning notices, credit card expiry, and payment confirmations.
  • Analytics
    The platform is capable to report detailed subscription related metrics such as annual recurring revenue (ARR), bookings, subscriber churn, retention rates, and customer lifetime value (CLV) which are of paramount importance to the product owners.
  • Marketing & Sales
    The platform enables MVNO with effective Marketing & Sales with contextual and personalized marketing, to ensure higher offer uptake. It enables SEO optimized digital store to offer promotional schemes, and also engage customers with product/service recommendations based on their browsing history.
  • Integrated CRM
    Elitecore offers integrated CRM platform that helps to manage & track campaigns & leads. It helps in Sales Management from Lead to Account Management.
  • Data Integrity and Security
    The platform enables MVNE with data integrity and security between the MVNO tenants using the same platform. With stringent rules, the platform enables the MVNE to segregate the data among tenants, restricting them from accessing data of other tenants who are using the same platform.
  • IVR & Contact Centre
    The platform comes along with IVR capabilities which can be configured with different voice self-care options. It also offers a ready customer view to the customer service agent (CSA) when the call lands on their system.
  • Faster time to Market
    With pre-integrated stack Go Live in 90 days.
  • Faster Revenue Realization
    1 Business Day for Launch of innovative offers such as Shared Wallet, Volume Based, Time Based, URL Based, Unlimited Plans & On-Demand plans.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
    In-built analytics and reporting enables new monetization and personalization opportunities that helps to improve customer loyalty.
  • Scalable Platform
    Highly Scalable platform up to 10 Million Subscribers.
  • Growth in Subscriber Base
    With MVNO providing attractive personalized plans they can tap new subscribers and gain significant market share.
  • Cloud Virtualization and Multi Tenancy Architecture.
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
    Multiple MVNOs can be connected to single platform.
  • Independent Control
    Each MVNO can manage its own set of services, own web self care and launch their own plans and tariffs.
  • Highly secure platform.