STL academy is now in Guinness Book World Record

With the attendance of over 70K telecommunication students on livestreme, STL Academy smoothly made an entry in the Guinness World Records.
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It's not just a business model anymore!

India's premier management institute IIM-A is now teaching the STL business model as a case study. The crux of the case is how the company has evolved from fibre manufacturing to end-to-end solutions provider.
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6912 fibre ribbon cable and installation 80% faster? It's possible now!

Addressing to the need for deep fiberization & faster network rollout, STL introduced 6912 fibre count Celesta Ribbon Cable. With this high density and slimmer cable STL will continue to deliver innovative solutions to build future ready optical networks.
Poor Wi-Fi network! What are you talking about?

A new outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point (AP) is launched by STL in the precence of Sushil Rawat, from Rakuten Mobile. WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is going to be a complete game changer in comparison to previous generations of WiFi.