Telemedicine/ doctor consultation
Telemedicine/ doctor
Connect and Heal
C: 1800-267-6227 or 91118 91118
Healthcare services at home
Healthcare services
at home
Seva At Home
C: 1800 120 800 003 | +91 99880 01983
Telemedicine/ doctor consultation
Sperantes healthcare
C: +91 9650 660 661
Telemedicine/ doctor consultation
wellbeing support
1to1 Help
C: 1800 258 8999
Key Things
  • Your first point of contact in case of Covid - Local admin
  • One email id to reach out to in case of emergency -
  • Telemedicine contact - Toll free Nos: 1800-267-6227 or 91118 91118
  • Your mental health support - 1to1 help
  • Cashless claim support - Toll free No :1800-209-7800
  • Insurance support - Toll free No :1800-209-7777 |
  • You can access this information on   MITRA bot   by typing “Covid emergency”
Here are the people who can help at various locations
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Location Primary SPOC Contact Us Secondary SPOC Contact Us
Ahmedabad Biju Pilai Monica Panchal
Banglore Srenivas Rao Mayur Thakar
Bhopal, Jabalpur Nisha Shukla Jacintha D'mello
Chennai Tanuj Milind Monika Gupta
Dadra Nikit Pandya Shirish Pancholi
GMO Pune Chandrashekhar Nayak Roshni Raghav
Gurgaon- IFFCO Mohit Gupta Vishal Gill
Gurgaon- IFFCO Mohit Gupta Vishal Gill
Hyderabad Shiva Burra Mayur Thakar
Jammu Harpal Singh Shivam Prasad
Kakinada Tanuj Milind Monika Gupta
Kochi Tanuj Milind Monika Gupta
Mumbai Sanjeet Gujral Naina Keswani
Nagpur Aman Harchand Amruta Kadu
NESA Nabajit Gogoi Mayur Thakar
Orissa Priyambada Satpathy Mayur Thakar
Port Blair Tanuj Milind Monika Gupta
Rakholi Umakant Choudhary Rahul Mishra
Shendra Draw Sachin Tomar Shekhar Nankumar Danke
Shendra Glass Ajay Rana Ramchandra Ingawale
Srinagar Irfan Habib Shivam Prasad
Vizag Tanuj Milind Monika Gupta
Waluj Samardeep Bhalla Sudarshan Sangale
Waluj OFC Vijay Chimne Rahul Matta
WTC Pune Sandip Dhage Manali
Let’s Continue to be COVID safe!
If you are traveling overseas (to China but also to other places)
follow the CDC’s guidance:
What you should do:
Wear Face Mask
Wear Face Mask
Wash hands often with soap and water. If not available, use hand sanitizer.
Maintain physical distance
Maintain physical distance
Maintain at least 1 metre distance between yourself & anyone who is coughing or sneezing
Wash your hands frequently
Wash your hands frequently
Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub
Stay Indoors
Stay Indoors
Staying indoors is a rather safe option. Avoid being in crowded places.
What you shouldn’t do:
Avoid Markets and Crowd
Avoid Markets and Crowd
Wash hands often with soap and water. If not available, use hand sanitizer.
Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth
Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth
Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses.
Do not spit in the public places
Do not spit in the public places
Spitting can increase the spread of the virus. Avoid spiting at in public and home.
Do not self-medicate
Do not self-medicate
Consult a doctor rather than opt for self-medication that can leave you battling with a deadly illness.
Signs & Symptoms
When to be concerned about COVID 19?
You should be worried in the below conditions:
Fever & Chills
Body ache
Body ache
Loss of smell and taste
Loss of smell and taste, COVID tongue
COVID19 Second
Wave Symptoms
Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, pain and vomiting
Cough Runny nose, pink eye, body rashes
Body/Joint aches
Body/Joint aches & weakness with loss of appetite
Close Contact with
COVID 19 Patient
COVID 19 infected
If you have come in contact with a COVID 19 infected person for 15 minutes or more

Word of Caution:
Even if you have been vaccinated, remember to take note of these symptoms and take precautions.

As soon as you see any of the above do check with your doctor!

Consult Doctor
Consult Doctor for
COVID Medical Helpline/ Doctor Consultation
Click here
Consult Doctor
*Get Tested
(as recommended by
your doctor)
RT PCR testing center numbers & home sample collection numbers
Click here
Consult Doctor
Self isolate, follow home
care protocol, monitor
health status
Home care services numbers
Click here
Tested Positive?
Know your health status & next steps
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*Corona signs and symptoms
Shortness of breath
Finding in X-ray or CT
Respiratory Rate (RR) < 24/min < 24/min > 30/min
Oxygen Saturation%, SpO2 > 94% 90% to < 93% on room air < 90% on room air
For any emergency like hospitalization, oxygen concentrator, remdisivir, pls write to

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