Single mode optical fiber g652d

STL optcial Fibre Making connections at the speed of light

We are the world's leading providers for fiber optic and optical fiber cable solutions. We have solutions to cater to all your optical fibre applications needs. Our lower bend loss optic fiber is best suited for your fiber optic network enabling high network performance and significantly lower installation costs.

Bend Insensitive Single Mode Fibre

STL's BOW-LITE series Optical Fibre products exceeding ITU-T G.657 recommendation, are industry leading bend insensitive single mode fibres suitable for FTTx applications and high fibre density cable designs.

Single Mode Fibre (SMF)

STL offers different varieties of G.652.D type Optical Fibre which accommodate enhanced attenuation, geometry, dispersion and macro-bend loss properties, enabling superior performance in wide application areas like long haul, metro-city, access and CATV networks.

Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Fibre (NZDSF)

Non-Zero dispersion shifted single mode Optical fibre complying with ITU-T G.655 recommendations, is the most suitable for long-haul and metropolitan networks whereas DOF-LITE (LEA) is ideal for long-haul, and DOF-LITE (METRO) is ideal for metropolitan network.

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