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Customer Testimonials

Susanne Stengade CEO 6X International

"It has been a very positive partnership with STL. And new solutions can bring a lot of good opportunities. We look forward to developing this business with STL"
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Sean Pillans Head Access Engineering

"You listen to your customers, and you understand our needs. And you create products that we need, we want."
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"Your investments in world class manufacturing facilities and the working environment you have created, are the best I have seen."
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Dr Maria Mendiluce MD WBCSD

"Companies like yours that are trying to deploy key network solutions in the rural areas and cities, are fundamental, to make the world better and more connected"
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Dr Joe Phelan Director WBCSD India

"At STL, the infrastructure they are building, the architecture they have put into place for cities so that people really get the services they need, are really essential for the future."
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"To see the passion that your team have for what they do is amazing. You have a family more than staff, as its very rare to see a company of your scale and size, have team members who are so passionate about what they do. WELL DONE. On your community upliftment and giving back to the community and your no waste on food and recycling programs, really really well done. It's truly amazing to see a company with so much passion for people and the earth.."
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Christian Aasheim CEO - Melbye Skandinavia AS

"We at Melbye, had been looking for a strategic partner for a long time and we have found that in STL""
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Mr Naveen Mittal Principal Secretary, MUoD

"It has been a great visit to STL's Centre for Smarter Networks. One can see almost all the things a smart city requires, in one single place. It is also interesting to see that it has a great mix of intercity and intra-city elements" "
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