Charging gateway function (CGF) | An open, convergent mediation system

Charging gateway function (CGF)

Convergent mediation system for accurate and efficient billing records
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Transparent networks need clear CDR – Charging Data Records for user billing which are filtered in the required format and integrated into downstream systems.

Charging gateway function (CGF) is an open, convergent mediation system that supports mediation for voice, data, and content in wired/wireless communication and all-IP environment

  • Supports GTO Prime protocol, capable of converting standard format record/events into rich record format required by downstream systems
  • Acts as storage buffer for CDR Collections & consolidates it
  • Can filter, duplicate, clone, edit and process CDRs in line with 3GPP specifications
  • Protects investment in existing BSS/OSS systems by interfacing to transfer information to the downstream system in the required format
  • Uses single interface and simplifies integration of events to billing system


  • Convergent Platform: Ensures compatibility with present and future data networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G.
  • 3GPP Standard Compliance: It is 3GPP standard based and also supports many additional industry standard interfaces. Supports GTP Prime V1.0, V2.0 as per 3GPP Standard RFC, Standard attribute as well as customer attribute.
  • Data Processing: The solution collects, parses, processes and distributes the CDR/UDRs to downstream applications. It applies rules like Enrichment, Validation, Duplicate detection and Filtering on the CDRs.
  • Usage Record Collection: Aggregates usage records from multiple sources via GTP Prime, FTP, SFTP and delivers clean data to downstream systems like billing, rating, revenue assurance & fraud management.
  • Duplicate Detection: Prevents duplicate customer event and data, coming from network elements. It supports packet level, file level and CDR record level duplicate detection.
  • Network Event Validation: Delivers clean data, allowing downstream systems to focus on core functions.
  • NMS-SNMP Support: SNMP interface supported over Version 1 and 2 for Crestel CGF. Ease of Monitoring through graphs depicting sessions, request statistics, CPU & Memory Usage, Uptime available through SNMP and file traps.
  • Value based Charging: Supports value-based charging based on usage, service quality & time of purchase or any attribute of CDR.
  • Filtering: Filters data from a single stream to multiple streams.
  • Format Conversion: Converts GTP Prime Packets to desired format as per downstream system requirement. Allows multiple format conversion for same packet.
  • Data Exchange protocols: Supports FTP, FTAM, RADIUS, GTP, CORBA, HTTP, HTTP/XML, HTTP/SOAP, SFTP, RDR and CDR File Formats: ASCII, Binary, ITU, ANSI, ASN.1, CSV, AMA, Textfile, AMAG7.0, TTOP File, TTFile.
  • Vendor Independent: Vendor independent architecture enables ease in communication with multi-vendor network elements.


  • Minimizes Cost and Time to Market: Communicates with all modules, networks and systems. Providers can easily enhance their systems with off-the-shelf modules, cutting down costs and ensuring quick rollouts and rapid reaction to market movements.
  • Builds Business Intelligence: It unifies customer usage patterns from legacy network infrastructures, IP and mobile networks over a single platform, offering simplicity in collating data in a multi-service, multi-network environment. As a repository of customer track record and usage patterns, CGF possesses the business intelligence required to understand customer needs and define fine layers of segmentation, enabling high levels of differentiation and targeting in the competitive market place.
  • Prevents Revenue Leakage: Transmits accurate information between the various network elements and OSS / BSS components. Prevents usage, rating, billing errors and revenue leakage.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Highly flexible and scalable solution with Tier 1 case study with 1050 million CDR processed daily.
  • Open Platform: An open standard-based, distributed software platform that is extremely modular. Adapter library contains many pre-built, tested and deployed adapters for integrating with service management components, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of network and business systems.
Charging Gateway Function (CGF) reference architecture
Charging Gateway Function (CGF) reference architecture