BSS Transformation

Partnering for digital transformation

The New age Telcos are realizing the need to transform business and become digital telco experience providers. A Digital Telco goes beyond convergence of networks and services, it involves changes in ways CSP interact with their customer, use of Analytical intelligence and reinventing business processes that is lean, agile and ensures faster time to market keeping customer at the centre of it all thus staying relevant to customers.

Digital Experience involves:

  • Find Information online
  • Compare CSP offerings
  • Make online purchases
  • Get fast and automated delivery
  • Receive promotions
  • Share Shopping and usage experiences
  • Have a seamless experience
  • Use Self Care or Self provisioning solutions
  • self configure services and devices

Single Data Ownership
Single data master for all the key data entities such as customer, account, services, inventory, product etc. helps to deliver true convergence for operators

Conformance to TM Forum Standards business process
The entire platform is compliant to the standard framework put forth by TM Forum (TAM) and all its functions are aligned with eTOM business processes that addresses all the aspects of convergence, this significantly cut deployment time and enhanced operation efficiency to respond to market changes quickly

Single, convergent billing for multi-service multi-network rollout
A unique, converged billing and revenue management solution for various services like – high speed prepaid postpaid data, VoIP, Triple play, VAS etc. over multiple networks like fixed, broadband, mobile, ADSL enabling operator to smartly capitalize on new revenue growth opportunities and launch future services like LTE, IMS.

Centralized Customer Management
The dynamic platform enables a 360 degree single customer view for service providers and offers functionalities such as multi-level hierarchy management, real-time charging of complex data, voice and video services.

Single, service based product catalog
Centralized, service based product catalog enables the operator to launch various plans such as Volume based, Time based, peak/off-peak, URL based, Unlimited Data, On-Demand music/video, OTT/Content based as per the user's needs.

Flexible Online Charging System
A single, 3GPP 11 compliant platform of online rating, charging & balance management facilitates real-time and near real time rating and charging, enabling operators to unify all service processes and enables launch of innovative pricing plans.

Extensive customer care
The platform handles complete fulfillment to assurance journey of the customers with ease through single, convergent customer web self care portal and mobile self care portals ensuring anytime anywhere access.

Robust, automated work force management
It enables operators to optimally utilize the available work force and assign task/work order to appropriate team effectively. Users can track the work orders; manage team and its availability easily ensuring customer end services execution on time.

Real-time Provisioning
A flexible, robust provisioning framework enables real-time activation-acquisition of the customers and facilitates for bulk provisioning of larger customer base for multiple services.

Ease in interoperability
Smooth and faster alignment with existing/third party vendor components in LIVE ecosystem through open APIs helps to eliminates vendor lock in.


Standard Architectural

  • System rationalization in phased manner resulting in lower systems and interfaces
  • SOA compliant interfaces and middleware
  • Able to deliver the convergent services and bundled packages
  • Conformance to the 3GPP/TMFORUM standards
  • Re-use and integration with the existing systems wherever strategized

Ease in business processes

  • Rationalization and standardization of end-to-end business processes
  • Reduced people intensity and resources
  • EBIDTA margin improvement

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Service selection, activation and payment at single touch point
  • Web and Mobile self care portals help users to manage and activate services in real time, which significantly reduces customers visiting support centers.
  • Single order entry for multiple services with real-time order tracking
  • Single itemized eBill for multiple services with an option to view or download from self care
  • Seamless and consistent user experiences in every interaction, across all channels and from every service

Future Proof

  • Modular, open framework ensures that new components can be added easily in future
  • LTE and IMS future ready stack

Consolidate and redesign O/BSS operations

  • Minimize and rationalizing non-differentiating layers within O/BSS systems
  • Ensure faster time to market with centralized product catalog, order management and service fulfillment processes

New Revenue Streams

  • Launch new services and business models by optimizing available resources and ensuring monetization of existing assets

Sterlite Tech next generation OSS BSS platform
Sterlite Tech next generation OSS BSS platform