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Next generation integrated revenue and customer management solution enabling telecom billing and enhanced customer experience

With changing consumer lifestyles and needs for high speed internet access, interactive value added services, continuous evolution in networks such as 4G, LTE, FTTH, HFC, IMS, etc., and the pressure on CSPs to offer more personalized services such as Broadband, VoIP, Pay TV, Mobile TV, etc. have become mandatory to sustain stiff competition. Customers today prefer to purchase multiple services like voice, video, data, etc. from a single CSP and require these services to be invoiced in a single consolidated bill. Hence, CSPs are moving towards convergence to provide new varied services with one single point of contact with a single view of services subscribed by the customer.

Sterlite Tech offers a carrier-grade platform that enables next generation data, voice and video services over wireline and wireless networks. It delivers an end-to-end billing solution that acts as a competitive business driver for service providers to increase subscriber acquisition and profitability while preventing revenue leakage in a multi-technology, multi-service world.

Telco 2020 and O/BSS of the future
Telco 2020 and O/BSS of the future
BSS – Revenue and Customer Management product architecture