You Wouldn’t Trust a Doctor to Fix Your Car! 5 Reasons Why Only Experts Should Deploy Fibre

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Indian telecom industry is going through a phase of complete transformation. Competition is mounting, price war is escalating, companies are merging and data rates are falling. These are the trends that dominate prime time business news. But there is one more change which is sweeping the industry. This is hyperscale network modernisation. As an industry, we have now realised the need to upgrade our networks to meet the data demand and quality of services (QoS) requirements. Optical fibre, once a second fiddle to microwave technology is now likely to dominate the telecom networks, not only in backbone, but also in backhaul and last mile technologies Amidst this change, there is a lot of buzz around Fibre Deployment. For decades fibre roll outs have been looked as a ‘digging job’. Local contractors have dominated this landscape and the result has been slow paced and sub-optimal roll outs. To meet the demand for deep fiberisation, a paradigm shift is required in the Fibre roll out space. Fibre deployment by “Experts” is the next big thing in the fibre roll outs and both telecom companies and Governments are betting big on this trend.

Here is why fibre should be deployed by experts

Capex optimisation Fibre deployment by experts enables capex & opex optimization, hence delivers more site efficiency. Telcos generally plan roll outs basis incremental needs which is an ROI drainer. Fibre optic network planning and design intelligence through holistic routing architecture are the two factors which through which deployment experts can eliminate inherent capex inefficiencies and fetch way better return on investments. Superior build quality, hence reduced opex When looking at fibre roll outs as a low skill digging and laying job, many crucial performance parameters are compromised. Fibre deployment experts, bring to table, the prowess of professional project management and technology driven execution excellence, which delivers better quality of network at the SLA level. Reduced fibre cuts per kilometre, enhanced fibre lifecycle, and lesser repair costs. Efficient excess cable and inventory management also contributes to seamless and low cost repairs. Holistic surveys and execution agility Comprehensive survey is the bedrock of any fibre deployment project. The have a dominos effect on the entire project execution. Survey defines the right of way authority mapping, the most challenging of all externalities. It also outlines the people process matrix in terms of kind of machines, tools and manpower required to deliver the project. Deployment experts use digitisation and state of the art tools to ensure top quality surveys. Execution agility, driven by planning, skilled manpower and project management is one of the biggest advantages of having an expert on board Reduced TCO and revenue enhancement The ultimate objective of any network project is to reduce the cost of ownership and increase monetisation. With future fit and cost optimised roll outs combined with superior quality of services, the network operator can extract much more efficiency from the same old network. These benefits flow in the form of reduced time to market, better customer experience, more customer longevity and higher ARPUs. The best person for the best job Telecom industry is the most dynamic of all industries. Telecom operators have the vision and responsibility to craft a digital revolution in the country. They have to lead from the front, devising innovative products and solutions for the customers and paving way for new technologies like 5G, IoT and big data. Tn this context, fibre deployment by experts can add more value to CSPs, while enabling them to focus on their core competency. In a world that’s connected through data, you need experts to connect the dots. Sterlite Tech is a Digital Communications company, offering a wide range of services across the network value chain. We design, build and manage smarter networks. With our passionate endeavours in hyperscale network modernisation, software defined networks and optical fibre technology, we are transforming everyday living across countries and continents. For more details, log on to

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