Wimax Operators – Maximizing Opportunities with LTE

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With its promise of high speed bandwidth and ubiquitous reach LTE is stealing the limelight from WIMAX. Operators are shifting from WiMAX to LTE as it provides them an option to utilize both the technologies with co-existence to fulfill customer’s ever increasing demands. This is where implementation of next generation ready LTE BSS can play a vital role in terms of helping WiMAX operators seamlessly migrate to LTE, while at the same time optimizing their existing network resources. Hence, operators can achieve complete WiMAX-to-LTE transformation upgrading the existing WiMAX platform to support LTE + WiMAX components through cost-effective integration with existing/3rd party components. The biggest pain area for the Wimax operators is –quick time to market. Since Product catalog and OCS are not seamlessly integrated in their legacy network, it takes longer time to launch offers because of multi-vendor involvement and integration time. Also legacy IT system are not capable of handling multiple next-generation services on single platform affecting overall revenue opportunities. To accommodate these requirements, it is essential that the BSS/OSS architecture is an agile, plug and play system comprising Convergent Billing, Customer Management, OCS, PCRF, Provisioning, Business Analytics and Selfcare Portals that will enable operators to launch new LTE data and voice services quickly to the market. Without a single service disruption, operators can maximize revenue opportunities through service innovation on a single platform, achieving faster integration with the existing network, performance optimization and operational efficiencies at minimum capex. Evolving their network to embrace LTE, operators should opt for a 3GPP & TM Forum Standard based pre-integrated platform of complete fulfillment, assurance and billing capabilities or with only few modules such as OCS and PCRF leveraging their legacy IT system to launch new LTE services, achieving minimal system changes and reduced TCO. With this innovative approach, operators can promote advanced service plans (for ex- family plans, Facebook free) around specific consumer activities and behaviors, deliver on data plan innovations, utilize balance network resources with customer experience, while at the same time increase customer engagement and loyalty through contextual offering. Network migration is a complex process that needs careful planning. With its well proven LTE RCM (Revenue and Customer Management) Platform, Elitecore can enable WiMAX operators to overcome challenges and queries about implementing LTE. Click here to know more.

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