Why 3G operators need to rollout LTE to accelerate growth

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In today’s data driven telecoms scenario, 3G operators are increasingly finding it tough to cope up with the huge data demands coming from their customers. In such a scenario, moving towards the next generation ready Long Term Evolution (LTE) is seen as a natural progression towards growth. And this is why, with mobile operators embracing LTE as the basis for the next-generation mobile internet, as a true next generation communications technology, LTE is fast becoming the preferred choice for industry leaders across many global geographies. Taking care of their spiraling data demands, LTE offers a cost effective opportunity for operators to blend voice and internet services and deliver new converged multimedia services in front of their customers and gain more from their network investments. However, an operator must embrace LTE driven BSS in order to create a solid revenue generation foundation upon which future growth can be achieved. How to achieve seamless LTE deployment For 3G operators, launching LTE is inevitable as traffic volume is rapidly growing and operators focus on enhancing customer experience through high-speed and quality-driven services has increased to improve revenue potential and gain competitive edge from mobile data services. Service providers are striving to be first-to-market but several factors make LTE deployments complex. Monitoring and troubleshooting mobile data services is substantially more complex with shifts from 3G to LTE. Operators needs to plan and execute LTE rollout strategy to solve numerous challenges occurring during deployment such as standard solution that follows the best practices of LTE business model, launch of innovative LTE plans and offers, minimizing capital expenditures and operating costs, retaining customer loyalty via insightful analytics, monitoring huge volumes of data, shorten their time to market on delivering the right plans for their customers. For a 3G operator, migration to LTE can considerably improve upon their potential to generate better revenue while at the same time, sharpen their competitive edge from mobile broadband services. But implementation of all this requires a highly flexible and modular Revenue and Customer Management (RCM) solution that can help them to minimize these challenges and substantially speed up and improve LTE opportunities. To gain more from their LTE strategy, operators need a highly scalable solution that can support both 3G and LTE traffic on same platform. They need a RCM solution that can add new components like OCS, PCRF that can be easily plug and play in the operators existing ecosystem and upgrade legacy IT/network components like Billing, AAA to support advanced LTE services and plans on same platform without a single service disruption, minimal system changes, reduced TCO. And this is precisely where Elitecore can help in the 3G operator’s quest for LTE services. Elitecore LTE RCM Platform provides a cost-efficient and seamless migration path for CSPs from 3G to LTE networks through its unique, all IP-based converged solution while enabling them to protect their existing investments and allow them to gain more flexibility and scalability, in terms of offering new age LTE services. Elitecore offers a carrier-grade, industry standards (TMF, 3GPP Rel. 11) LTE revenue and customer management platform that comprises of a pre-integrated as well as modular stack of online charging, convergent billing, customer management, real-time business analytics, Selfcare and EPC offerings— including PCRF, DSC and 3GPPAAA enabling operators to meet all of the unique requirements of the 3G-to-LTE migration.  

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