What to expect from next gen BSS Solution

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Communication service industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Evolution in smart networks such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, proliferation of smart devices, high speed internet and a smarter subscriber base has given rise to increase in demand for next generation value added services, making it imperative for CSPs to offer multiple services over multiple networks and yet stay profitable. CSPs are having a tough time driving their investments in areas that afford them a winning edge over their competitors. Rapidly changing market and cut throat competition has led CSPs to focus on two key areas – Monetization of data services for additional revenues & enhanced user experience to achieve low customer churn. According to a recent survey, 50% of the subscribers are willing to pay for enhanced service experience and flexibility. CSPs that are able can offer a differentiated user experience will be able to monetize their offers quickly. This is where operators are compelled to invest in a robust BSS platform, which makes their life easier with faster, leaner and Agile operations including having all a profitable & personalized Customer Experience and Higher Efficiency to address time-to-market, network capitalization and opex rationalisation. With next-gen BSS systems the operators can expect the following attributes: Agility: to compete and stay ahead • User friendly GUI with Single View for all services subscribed by a subscriber • Pre-Integrated BSS Modules for Rapid Service Innovation • Flexible Product Catalogue to create and launch innovative offers. • Simple processes to add more and more partners • Virtualized platform that enables CSP to better plan their network resources and give greater agility to meet new changes • Support for operators staff to customize own Dashboards as per their requirement • Customizable notifications framework based on occurrence of an event, threshold levels, promotional offers etc • Dynamic framework support in PLM, Payment, CAAM & other modules, for Customization & Plug-in support Enhanced Customer Experience: for increased transparency • Ability to provide consistent user experience across Multiple channels for customer engagement like Call Center, Web Portals, PoS, Mobile App, SMS etc • Ability to launch Real time Contextual offers for customer delight • Mobile Self Care App for real time Usage control & Visibility • Rating based on service buckets as well as Real time usage splitting and balance information to subscriber for all monetary and non monetary usage • Support byte based rating • Support Safe Custody feature, where customers who do not intend to use the services for a defined period can reactivate the services after the requested period by paying a nominal fee • EMI based plans Increased Efficiency: to address Time-to-market, Network Capitalization and Operations Cost • Efficiently deploy in complex environments with pre-integrated components • Automated operations in system greatly increase system efficiency, time to market and reduce manual work load to increase productivity • Efficiently converting Network Intelligence into actionable insights with Real time Data Analytics Thankfully, solution providers like Sterlite Tech-Elitecore have addressed the operator’s challenges and offered adept solutions. Elitecore enables operators with seamless connectivity between networks and offers monetizing opportunities at every step; right from Plan Creation, implementing the Go-to-market strategy (CRM, Partner Portal, Customer self care Apps), Campaign Managemen-, Customer On-boarding, Service Activation, Seamless User Experience, Service differentiation and also empowers the operators to launch out-of-the-box business use cases. The latest version 6.2.3 of its BSS stack focuses on Product Stability, Improved performance, Customer Experience, Agility & Innovative Monetization use cases. To Read more: BSS Version Release 6.2.3

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