Ways to mitigate challenges in CSR

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Transition in CSR

CSR is going through a huge transition in our country and in this evolving landscape not only big corporates but also NGOs are involved to great extent and when I say that I mean it is not actually in the same condition as it was a decade back. Lots of grassroots organizations today are building their capacity. Corporates are building their capacity because of structured resources that they are getting to you know enhance and take bigger programs. I think there is a big milestone that the road on which corporates also mentor and help them in building the capacity which I feel should be more structured and there should be more collaboration I know in a very responsible manner because many as you said about genuineness you know how can we segregate between genuine and eligible NGOs. I feel these are not interchangeable terms because many genuine organizations are working on grassroot level just because they are not eligible they do not have proper records they are not you know eligible to take CSR resources.

Bridging the gap

So this gap with the help of corporates how much can be breached for example at Sterlite Tech we are working a lot with grassroot organizations and every month we are having their capacity building sessions. We have used technology a lot because one big problem that NGOs we have seen is they are not using the technology to measure impact and most of the corporates are because of the law and other things are using these you know apps and other portals so if this can also be extended to NGOs I think this will be a big help to you know really get the real outcome of it.

Fragmentation of resources

See one report was released in that the data analysis was in which area how much investments CSR is having and I think the ministry is also working a lot on data analysis but I think someone here also said about the fragmentation of resources. Every corporate independently decides what do we have to do CSR in and they are also implementing it. Due to this, some work is done in piece meals.

Common concessium

If the community needs one particular area where a couple of corporates are working if they have a common concessium that can come together then the cause identification is discussed. I think Industry bodies I think should come in the lead role in that in bringing all those discussions and people together getting on to a common consensus. For example in Maharashtra we talk about Vidarbha their water is scarce should prioritization happen there. Many more times there are also uh lots of reports where CSR has also become a subject of misplaced priorities then we should also see that we should promote folk dance or address the water crisis. So I think these are some of the contemporary issues. We need more direction. A lot of initiatives have been picked up over the years because I have personally in my previous organizations worked very closely with the ministry of social justice and the national trust so a lot of action has happened with the center for Autism and cerebral palsy and in fact of hospitalization sector I feel a lot of jobs have been created along with NSD centers skills ministry interestingly has also done a lot of work. In mental health, if we talk about especially mental disability then for autism, cerebral palsy for all these defined job roles along with training is being imparted. I think as we prioritization of CSR areas it is always the decision of a particular corporate in which area they want to invest. But also continuous demand from the community is also one of the things in which there are a lot of issues. If there is a pharma company or any associate business which feels it is very related to them as an ancillary then many cases are already underway.

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