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There are various facets of Nation building among which the most important one at this moment seems to be tapping the potential of digital technology. As digital capabilities progress and connectivity becomes omnipresent, technology is poised to radically change nearly every sector of India’s economy. 

We are into the 21st century where Digital India is not only shaping our lives but also compounding the power of our defence forces. While creating a digital infrastructure, creating a Digital Defence force is at the core as nations will now be known by the digital infrastructure their defence forces have.

STL always in the service of the nation

STL’s nation building spirit is guided by taking up the mission critical projects and giving back to nation. Building a digitally adept defence force which is at par with global super powers is a matter of national pride and national security and sovereignty for us. We strive to get our passion of nation building to our business and we are fortunate that it has translated into projects like Bharatnet and NFS.

Military communications has always played a major role in warfare. Communications systems on or off the battlefield are regarded as an essential component for mission success. Specific to network modernization, communicating securely with command-and-control centre and other units within the increasingly communications-reliant battlefront landscape is critical to ensure the success of the mission and the safety of war fighters.

Project Varun was conceived with an aim to connect and secure the nation’s borders all across, serving to protect the lives of 1.3 billion Indians. With its sheer scale Project Varun touched every node of the Naval network.

Project Varun symbolizes the spirit of oneness, wherein the Navy, the BSNL and STL came together to conceptualize the project. The project also epitomizes how we are at the forefront of serving the nation through such mission-critical projects.

STL identified the vulnerability of critical communications in the Indian Navy and proposed an end-to-end network modernisation approach to reach the desired state. STL designed a next-gen digital communications network for the Indian Navy solidifying the nation’s Naval security forces.

In first of a kind undertaking, an integrated communications network of such scale was built in India. STL designed a converged MPLS infrastructure on a two-layered centrally managed IP backbone.

We built a robust, integrated communications network spanning converged network design, fibre and ICT deployments, data centre ecosystem, and network security that ensured a secure, reliable and seamless digital highway for administrative and mission-critical operations of Navy.

The unprecedented information security created formidable digital fortress accessibility, enhanced bandwidth enabled superfast action orchestration, and an advanced data centre and cloud platform brought in multiple efficiencies.

The project brought greater synergy, efficiency, further strengthening the naval forces. The new-age technology will enable the Indian Navy to ride new-age applications with advanced security solutions while bringing real-time situational awareness and faster decision making. It will also position our Navy for future-readiness, preparing for network virtualisation, Big Data analytics and customised enterprise applications.

We take much pride in contributing to the nation and our defence forces.

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