Unlocking new Opportunities with Cloud managed Wi-Fi

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Cloud computing and various kinds of applications and services that can be offered on the cloud are gaining popularity day by day. According to a leading analyst firm, Enterprise cloud services revenue will grow to $31.9 billion worldwide by 2017. With the technological evolution and considering the scale of variety of offerings available on cloud, next generation networks services like Wi-Fi and its offerings are also made cloud accessible. A standardized cloud based platform will enable operators to leverage their existing Wi-Fi capabilities as well as launch new services effortlessly. The hosted and managed cloud based Wi-Fi platform can easily respond to the needs of today’s service providers and enterprises to deliver innovative and cost effective services through cloud thus enabling them with automated processes to capitalize on their market opportunity and launch differentiated services quickly. Here are three reasons why enterprises are more open to the idea of managed Wi-Fi service platform today:
  • Cost Savings: Delivering network services over the cloud ensures CapEx savings with hardware and infrastructure reduction, reduced resource spend with cloud based Wi-Fi deployments something a managed Wi-Fi solutions provider can easily counterbalance. This further enables increased customer satisfaction and lowers churn.
  • Quick Time to market: Today’s fast-paced business environment requires processes and procedures to be conducted in a rapid yet simple fashion. The cloud based Wi-Fi model enables easy integration and migration, faster performance, better operational efficiency and increases agility with reduced implementation & set up time from 9 weeks to 3 days for a standard based solution eliminating hassles and headaches while accelerating their ROI.
  • On Demand Scaling: Ensures the scale to support rich subscriber base of the operator and the flexibility to manage service preparation ensuring real-time availability of services. Both large and small operators can launch and modify their services quickly using a platform hosted at a centralized location, allowing operators to use standards-based technologies and prepare for future expansion while capturing ever-growing customer market share.
The benefits of cloud-managed Wi-Fi are plenty; however, it’s essential that you partner with the right vendor to successfully meet market demand and overcome your most pressing business challenges. To experience and take advantage of all the above mentioned benefits, explore Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) on cloud with fully virtualized architecture in a multi tenant deployment mode. With a comprehensive and pre-integrated Cloud based platform, Elitecore offers the hosted and managed model as Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS). It is a deployment ready platform easily available for the PoC and demonstration purpose. Click here to know more.

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