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As digitisation reshapes the industry landscape, telecom companies are in for disruptive times ahead. In hindsight, there has never been a better time in the history to go digital. Digitisation will offer a unique opportunity to telecom companies to re-position themselves in the market while creating innovative service offerings for customers.

Customers are used to having a digital experience for everything from booking movie tickets to pizza delivery to filing their taxes. Why wouldn’t they expect the same from their CSP? According to this report by the Boston Consulting Group, by 2020, India’s internet industry is expected to double from today’s $125 million, growing to 7.5% of the total GDP.

Personalized and one-touch digital engagement with customers can be the key differentiator for service providers in today’s competitive marketplace. One way to do this is by creating an intelligent and intuitive omni-channel experience.

The value that digital transformation can deliver to CSPs include:

  • Achieve end-to-end automation, from order-to-activation
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering a seamless omni-channel experience
  • Monetize quickly and easily with innovative offers and personalized solutions

To accelerate digital transformation, CSPs can take advantage of a converged platform that addresses the demands of next-generation subscribers and enterprises.

Sterlite Tech’s Digital Commerce and Customer Management platform simplifies and enables CSPs to digitize products and services, making them available online 24*7, they also enable customers to customize their plans and enhance their experience using self-care applications. For instance, customers will have access to web portal and mobile apps to manage their accounts.

Telcos can also roll out real-time and contextual offers based on insights from customers. Data-driven Systems of Insights gives telcos access to advanced analytics for data monetization and ensures extensive cloudification and network virtualization.

The digital journey is an exciting journey for CSPs which is immensely rewarding, provided they find the right digital partner.


Blurb 1:From 3 billion in 2015 the number of internet users is expected to reach over 4 billion by 2020. The number of connected devices is expected to increase by 9.7 billion during the same period. 

Source: Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast 2015-2020

Blurb 2:By 2026, operators could see $193 billion in revenues from their role as network developers, a further $315 billion from service enablement, and$72 billion from their role as service creators

Source: Ericsson Research, Feb 2017


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