Top Three Challenges in Deploying Public Wi-fi Hotspots

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  Wi-Fi Hotspots Offering internet access over a wireless network has become the necessity nowadays at coffee shops, airports, shopping malls, and other public places. Wi-fi hotspots are continuously increasing at public places providing high-quality connectivity to end-users. Some wi-fi hotspots offer free wi-fi services, while some offer paid. With the increasing demand for Public Wi-Fi hotspots, the technical, deployment and security challenges have also increased. Some of the major challenges observed in the implementation of hotspot are infrastructure, user authentication, network security, internet billing, and managing mobility. In order to help you out with the right solution and procedure in enhancing your customer service with swift and secured internet connectivity, we have listed the details of common challenges and steps to address such issues. 1. User authentication in the network While offering Public Wi-Fi network, one thing needs to be ensured is the network can be accessed by anyone and everyone. This brings the need to have a solution with effective user authentication process that enables network to identify required details of the user. Proper registration of the internet user while authentication is needed. It enables the Hotspot owner to avail the necessary data related to the user to identify them, and successfully provide them internet access. 2. Managing dynamic users and network performance Providing high-quality wi-fi coverage and managing dynamic users in the network is one of the major challenges for hotspots. In hotspot network behaviour, multiple access points are installed to widen the accessibility coverage. This brings a need of managing the network in a way to improve service quality and handle huge traffic. Moreover, there are several users who access different devices consuming high bandwidth. So, the network should be robust enough to accommodate maximum number of devices providing fair distribution of bandwidth to all the users. For this, you need an Internet Access Management Solution, which smartly manages and optimizes the available bandwidth. 3. Security and Reporting Security is a major concern for hotspots and users trying to access wi-fi at public places. Very few people understand the gravity of security risks associated with public wi-fi connections. Because most of the users fail to ensure about safety of their personal and private documents/data, fishing and similar malicious activities take place in the Public Wi-Fi networks. To avoid and prevent such accidents, hotspots need a robust solution which ensures safe and secured internet access across the network.  In case of any cyber crime query, the hotspot owner and the user, whose account has been hacked, will be at maximum risk. 24online Wi-Fi hotspot solution is offered in appliance based form for robust and reliable performance to offer uninterrupted internet services and uncompromised service quality to customers. 24online Hotspot Management Software enables bandwidth shaping, wireless access control, user activity logs etc., all-in-one solution. 24online is highly cost-efficient and scalable solution offering variety of features including hotspot billing, hotspot bandwidth management, and effective user authentication process to meet the needs of hotspots properties.

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