Three Compelling Reasons for Cable MSOs to Think About Convergent Billing and Revenue Management leading to Triple Play services

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Although there is plenty of business potential for cable multiservice operators (MSOs) to monetize  Cable/Pay TV, Broadband, VOIP (Offering 3P- Triple Play) and other services that they offer, they face some serious challenges with regards to revenue leakage and end-customer experience. They are also facing huge customer churn and the business opportunities to big DTH operators.  Managing partnership with LCO / operators is another limitation the MSOs are facing as they don’t have complete visibility of the LCO business operations who front end on behalf of these MSOs to customers. The need of hour for these MSOs is to go for digitization, without  which  they would always struggle to realize the full potential of Cable Multi service business. Digitization will help MSOs get complete visibility of their customer base and  channel wise viewership which  will also help MSOs to pay broadcasters based on the viewership. For smaller cable MSOs, revenue generation and growth will ultimately stem from their ability to secure more market share from the industry’s most entrenched providers. Another challenge for cable MSOs is availability of product in market in as-is form which meets their business requirements. The BSS systems are primarily catering to Telecom operators and partially meet Cable TV MSOs requirements. So the need of hour for these operators is to get integrated charging, billing and revenue management solution catering to Cable MSOs need. This will help MSOs get grip on the LCOs/Operators management, get 360 degree view of customer and pay broadcasters based on viewers thus supporting complete partner management capabilities across multiple service domains like Cable/Pay TV, Broadband, VOIP, Lease Line etc. To increase the reach to customers, provide convergent services and increase revenue per customer, MSOs are trying to launch Broadband services over their existing cable network. Thus there arise the need for convergent and integrated charging; billing and revenue management platform which can help MSOs increase their market share and customer satisfaction index. Elitecore’s convergent Integrated Revenue and Customer Management platform can cater to MSO business needs and growth. Here are three competitive benefits of such IRCM platform:
  1. A centralized product catalogue supporting 3P services: Presents all services and products in one comprehensive view for operators to efficiently sell, bundle and price their own plans for maximum revenue generation with capabilities supporting Content Management, Ala Carte Management, Video on Demand, Bandwidth on Demand, Pay as you go.
  2. Policy and charging rules function (PCRF) + Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA): Enables operators to simplify their network by making functions and services more easily integrated and flexible. This control also enables operators to augment revenue and reduce data delivery costs. Tracks network resource consumption by users for capturing capacity trends and cost allocation.
  3. Convergent Rating & Billing along with LCO/Operator management: Manage Rating and Billing of customer data/duration usage and on demand content usage, Billing of Hardware binded with customer, manage LCO/Operator account life cycle along with partner hierarchies and financial reporting.
Other reasons to invest include provisioning, sophisticated customer and partner self-care portal and an IP log management system—all which empower cable MSOs to ramp up their digitization efforts and quickly capitalize on new revenue opportunities. Recently, Elitecore Technologies revealed new partnerships with three Asia/Pacific-based cable MSOs for its pay TV and broadband services. Asia/Pacific is undergoing a rapid digital TV conversion (the region already owns 55 percent of global pay TV subscriptions) and Elitecore is thrilled to be a part of this transformational period.

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