The Future is HOTspot

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       The Wi-Fi phenomenon is worldwide and is growing by the day. Many researches point to the advancements in mobile data technologies and yet Wi-Fi is still preferred by mobile users mainly due to cost-effectiveness and speedy connection benefits offered. Availability of Wi-Fi hotspots is made available in coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and various other public places throughout the world making very simple for visitors to use wireless internet from their smartphones, laptops, or other mobile devices.  Providing Wi-Fi access to visitors has become one of the latest and necessary trends nowadays at public places. Many users prefer to work on-the-go, and they are always in search of public Wi-Fi availability to get better connectivity at reasonable prices. Moreover, the hotspots popularity and usability is continuously increasing worldwide with the growing use of mobile devices. Hotspot providers usually provide wireless internet service in public areas to their visitors who might be the first time users in their network. They can enter the hotspot network from their mobile devices or laptops with authenticated credentials provided by the service provider based on the package to be offered. With the technological advancements, the next generation hotspot plan to bypass the login authentication process completely. This means when user will enter the Wi-Fi zone, he will be allowed and authorized automatically to join the network without the need of entering username or password. Offering open connection will raise the need of enhanced and higher level of network security features. Moreover, with the increasing availability and use of public Wi-Fi hotspots network, we often forget that these networks are open and not secure. People are so used to have internet access everywhere and at every time they need it, they often forget to consider about the security before logging into a public network. Using public wi-fi involves risks like information on user’s devices can be easily obtained or shared, or private data or passwords used on multiple sites can be obtained. A few of the precautions that needs to be considered includes – entering right public network, connecting to websites via HTTPS, encrypting all data to be sent, making sure that your device is not configured to share the access of files, and enabling firewall. Hotspot segments needs a complete solution for offering network access, management of internet plans, and offering wireless internet. It should be such that understands the necessities and challenges of current hotspots segments and supports next-generation services. 24online solution is developed and engineered in a way to take care of advanced needs of hotspot segments offering flawless wireless connectivity, strong network security features, and effectively managing mobile users. 24online solution is a highly flexible and scalable solution for single and chain of hotspots of any size and type. It offers centralized service control, bandwidth management, billing, captive portal capabilities ensuring secured network access.

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