The A.B.C. for Wi-Fi Monetization

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Analytics, Branding and Advertisements, Captive Portal Once considered “the other” technology, Wi-Fi, now has entered into the main line strategies of telcos. As, Wi-Fi has come to rescue to cope up with the tremendous surge in the mobile data traffic. Moreover, the rapid and exponential growth in the digitalization of various enterprises, businesses, and organizations has resulted in increase in the demand for data consumption and hence Wi-Fi. As a result, many large enterprises, organizations and government entities are transforming their traditional business operations into high performance integrated business processes with the help of Wi-Fi. This advancement and changing Wi-Fi landscape offers momentous new opportunities for service providers to meet customer demands and create significant business value. For years service providers have sat on their conventional cash-cows like voice and SMS to bring in revenues. With the exponential increase in the data market, CSPs are looking at unconventional data monetization opportunities from Wi-Fi to reinforce their services capabilities as well as harness the extended ecosystem to stabilise margins. Though there are number of business models introduced, the basic approach lies in your offerings which can help to drive profitability in their business. It includes: A.    Analytics – Driving business intelligence With the ability to track user’s online behavioural activities and get data insights through proximity technologies and other tools, analytics becomes a key area to herald new revenue opportunities for service providers. As SPs plan to introduce innovative Wi-Fi plans, bundled multi-play services for enterprises and consumers, enhanced business intelligence and analytics can enable them to evaluate the existing services and roll out next best targeted offers in smarter ways thus combating the me-too type of churn intensive data plan war amongst the operators. B.    Branding and mobile advertising – Enables big gains A service provider can monetize Wi-Fi network with advertisements; can connect advertisers to customers by publishing ad-sponsored data and encouraging advertisers to deliver contextual content that will suit their needs. Reaching out with advertising based on Wi-Fi access holds great potential to revolutionize the economics of Wi-Fi advertising for monetization. C.    Captive Portal – The front face opportunity Delivering seamless experience has become one of the non-negotiable for the service providers. Captive Portal is well thought-out as the brand establishment gizmo which has become one of the marketing platforms for CSPs along with the features it offers. Captive portals help create the first impression for the CSPs as well as help to gain monetary benefits by partnering with advertisers, retailers to promote themselves on the platform. Now is the era of personalization and customization. Bringing critical differentiation in the Wi-Fi portfolio can enable service provider to roll out next-gen digitised business offerings. This will ensure new revenue opportunities and transform the customer engagement and delivery. For more information Click here.

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