The 4 Values That Make Sterlite Tech a Great Place to Work

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Sterlite Tech, a company advancing in leaps and bounds, places tremendous emphasis on values. A fundamental ideology is crucial to manoeuvre an organisation towards success. Through a solid value system, Sterlitians are enabling an unprecedented transformation. Not just a digital transformation; it is something as expansive as people and a best-in-class global culture. So, what are Sterlite Tech’s values which have resulted in phenomenal stories? Let’s take a closer look:

Respect & Empathise

The world today is cut-throat. There is competition everywhere whether you are an individual trying to prove yourself, or you are a business entity. But have you ever felt “I am not getting the respect I deserve”? Or maybe “People don’t even try to understand me?” This is as common today, as doing searches on Google.
  • Sterlite Tech believes that the greater the respect for each other, the healthier the organisation. The more one tries to empathise with one another, the greater the collaboration and productivity.
  • Take the story of WINS for example. Women in Networks at Sterlite Tech. The company respects and believes in the dynamism women can offer to business, and is accordingly demonstrating this through multiple initiatives and strategic moves. A perfect example of true corporate humanism.
"Values that define culture; transform times"

Hunger to Learn

  • Just like we eat when our tummy is hungry, Sterlitians fill themselves with knowledge, for their hunger to learn. These folks have a grand appetite through which they not only develop new skills, but also translate them into action and project wins.
  • The organisation believes that unless there is continuous learning and development, people don’t do justice to their true potential. Getting out of the comfort zone and challenging the unknown, is something Sterlitians thrive on.
  • An example of this value becoming a success story was when the team developed India’s first fibre optic sensing solution for Indian defence and security agencies. This was a landmark accomplishment which played a key role in strengthening the border security applications.
"Promise delivered"

Promises Delivered:

  • How many of us have either ourselves made a promise and didn’t fulfil or have seen someone do so? Most of us have at some point. However, Sterlitians are different. And that is because, promises made here, are always valued and fulfilled. Whether to the star-studded list of clients or to its own people, Sterlite Tech stays true to its word.
  • One such instance was when the team delivered the company’s first Digital Commerce & Customer Management (DCCM) solution to a key client, growing activations three times. It was a commitment to enable the stakeholder release several communication features which was actualized through this end-to-end solution. Every promise made here is delivered.
"Values that define culture; transform times"

Keep It Simple:

  • In a world of growing complexities, simple stuff is losing its identity. I mean, there is a reason, that the “KISS” (keep it short & simple) philosophy is being encouraged more and more. The Sterlite Tech folks too, love keeping in all simple. Simplifying tasks and processes have led to countless wins of saving time, cost, and effort.
  • One such piece was when the software team worked on an R&D project for tax optimisation and lower direct taxes. Basis this, the Sterlite Tech software unit has started claiming additional tax benefit of INR 3 crore each year. Sterlite Tech’s approach to breaking difficult challenges into simpler steps and taking one step at a time, has given problem-solving a brand new direction.
"Values that define culture; transform times"
For any organisation to flourish, it is imperative that every employee is able to live with and relate to a certain set of ideals which the organisation stands for. Internally as well as externally, it is this system of value which enables companies win the trust of stakeholders and solidify the brand identity. At Sterlite Tech, this right value system shapes culture and empowers people to understand the larger purpose of the organisation leading to world-class delivery of services and offerings.

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