Telco Digitization: Partners in growth

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Partners front end services or products, which are key to the continued business success. Nurturing partners and profitability is critical to forming and retaining the valuable partnerships. Low partner profitability due to reasons like mismanagement, slow technology upgrades can lead to dissatisfaction and eventual loss of valuable partnerships; affecting service levels, revenues and margins. Before we explore further, let us understand who all are potential Telco Partners:
  • MVNEs /MVNOs
  • M2M / IoT service providers
  • Interconnect and Roaming Partners
  • OTT players
  • Content Partners
  • Application developers
  • Payment service providers
  • Utilities or Banks
Rise in digital devices and its usage has resulted in increased need of growing business on digital platforms. Here lies the opportunity in embracing new platforms which are designed keeping in mind the needs of all stakeholders, centrally, embracing agility and reducing time to market. And importantly including the partners as equal growth enablers; and not somehow limited to the Telco and its Customers alone (Discussed separately here: Launching Telco 2.0 with Digital Commerce). Often Telco Partners are left out for a dedicated space to benefit from, but with Digitization transformation they are accounted for. Below are a few Partner benefits to experience after Telco digitization.
  • It digitizes entire partner lifecycle requirements, from recruitment to settlement, helps form quick partnership agreements and reduces time to market
  • Supports diverse Business Partnership Models
  • Offers open architecture for easy integration with 3rd party systems
  • Enhances customer Redressal  channels for Partner’s Subscribers
  • Bill and Settle all Services from a Single System
  • Helps in increasing customer base and ultimately adds to revenue
  • Supports diverse Revenue Sharing & Commissioning Models to maximize profitability and reduce the frequency of disputes
  • Helps prevent revenue leakage with an automated mechanism that manages multiple partnerships, from partnership agreements to invoicing, accurate calculation of complex settlements, monitoring for strict adherence to SLAs, accounting for debts and rebates, implementing thresholds for credit and payment etc.
  • Helps CSPs to create combined offers/packages using their core products with partner offerings
  • Partner/resellers, store executive and managers – all get a unified 360 view of products, customers and orders
  • A B2B2C store application helps partner/resellers to make a targeted sale with opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell
This is where a robust Partner Management Module offers a fully automated system with complete partner management capabilities, effectively managing content, channel, interconnect and roaming partnerships, to handle data, voice and video services over IP, fixed and mobile networks. To know more, visit Elitecore DCCM Solution

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