STL’s G657A2 bend insensitive optical fiber Cable

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Celesta Optical Fiber Cablr

Have you ever wondered what holds us together you may not be able to see it but we feel its existence like an emotion a feeling a connection a bond that keeps us from falling apart bonds that shape everything from a grain of sand to the Gods of the universe these bonds enable us to reinvent our world

Presenting STL’s latest innovation in fiber optic cable. An intelligently bonded ribbon designed to navigate the complex web of networks with features that redefine the speed of network infrastructure creation.

Celesta Optical fiber cable, fiber count

STLs Celesta intelligently designed smaller and denser optical fiber ribbon cable with its collapsible ribbon design. Celesta is 26 slimmer compared to a traditional loose tube cable with the same number of fibers. It’s compact design allows for efficient duct space utilization and the cable can easily be blown inside a 20 millimeter duct innovative soothing design and non-preferential bending provide two times faster blowing performance multiple peripheral strength members provide crush protection and rodent resistance celesta reduces cable installation time by up to 80 percent

Celesta Gel Free Design

Its gel-free water blocking design enables faster cable end preparation and easy mid-span access color-coded bond design results in first time right splicing even with semi-skilled manpower operators can save up to eighty percent of splicing cost with five times faster ribbon splicing Celesta is made using STL’s G657A2 bend insensitive optical fiber which results in increased power budget and industry’s lowest attenuation in ribbon cables Celesta optimizes storage and shipping space owing to its lightweight and smaller form factor with Celesta network operators can reduce rollout time optimize duct space utilization reduce the size of passive network infrastructure and improves network performance STL’s celesta an intelligently bonded ribbon

Network operators are in a race against time to build future-ready optical fiber networks and winning this race would require a lot of innovation and a lot of optical fiber to help them win today and stay ahead tomorrow.

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