STL’s digital cloud-native platform embracing 5G, Enterprise, IoT & B2B2X

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The rapid evolution of the enterprise market is making way for newer technological innovations in 5G, Internet of Things (IoT); digital marketplaces are a few of them. Amidst these, communication service providers (CSPs) have to look beyond voice and data to stay ahead in this race. The call for digitization is heard among many CSPs. They firmly believe that 5G is not just a revenue earner, but it will also create a more significant value proposition for them. 

CSPs will look at 5G as a technology enabler with the ability to run on an open native cloud and offer multiple services with it, and CSPs will look at STL to make it happen.  STL’s latest product solution – Digital Cloud-Native Platform (dCNP) suite is 5G enterprise-ready with supported multi and cloud-native, and with microservices, IoT support and aligns with TMForums’s ‘open API framework’ open-source Application Program Interface (API), ensuring interoperability and orchestration of workloads.

STL’s dCNP cloud-native platform features:

  • Self-deployable, self-upgrade, and self-manage – resulting in 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Extreme automation, deep observability, and offers zero-touch operations.
  • Manage workloads deployed anywhere, be it hosted on private, public, or multi-cloud environments
  • Containerization helps to simplify deployment 
  • Orchestration of workloads at scale
  • API manager to build and integrate APIs
  • 27 plus open-source components
  • Flexible workflow and automated life cycle management, continuous  audit, integration, and continuous delivery
  • Cloud data service integration of platform, application, software, and database, and much more

With such a solution, CSPs can build, deliver and bundle offers with partners and drive business models such as B2B2X, B2B, IoT, and wholesale 5G use cases and monetize it and a supported partner ecosystem that comes along with it. Watch this video to know more.

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