STL’s AI-powered Data Analytics Transforms and Strengthens Retail Store of 2025

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STL’s AI-powered Data Analytics Transforms and Strengthens Retail Store of 2025

Tarak Trivedi (third from left) & Krishna Mohan (second from right) at the
TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019 event in France

The pace at which the digitalisation is impacting retail store is faster than ever before. But at the same time, E-commerce is ceasing to be a stand-alone differentiator for retailers. Understanding customer’s expectations, meeting a brand’s promise by delivering a reliable experience that takes advantage of its unique competencies are vital for the digital reinvention of retail stores1. Maximising customer engagement through predictive customer journeys remains as the key that unlocks the success of the retail stores of tomorrow.

In the recently concluded TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019, STL presented its innovative proof-of-concept powered by Intellza, its next-gen analytical intelligence, to transform and strengthen the retail stores of 2025.

Our innovative proof-of-concept was shortlisted for the final rounds of the TM Forum’s Catalyst Program under three different categories – Outstanding Business Impact, Outstanding Innovation and Outstanding CurateFx Ecosystem Design. TM Forum’s Catalyst Program is the global forum that provides a unique collaborative environment for companies from around the globe, to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

The innovative use cases demonstrated by STL focused on delivering immersive Phygital experiences by transforming and strengthening the retail Store of 2025 by bridging digital and the physical world. STL’s AI-driven conversation for ensuring the next best action aims at transforming every visitor to a happy customer by sensing the context of the interaction, enabling multi-dimensional data view for successful personalisation strategies, and maximising real-time engagement across channels.

Sharing his experience, Tarak Trivedi, Senior Product Manager – Intellza, STL – Network Software, said, “Using the open source technology accelerated the prototyping. The big challenge was to get the right data and curate it. I think AI without data is a toothless shark. It looks menacing but could do nothing.”

Krishna Mohan, Product Marketing Manager, STL – Network Software, said, “It has been an amazing and inspirational journey of three months where we built an entire new AI-based next-best action and recommendation engine in Intellza and APIs to seamlessly integrate other business systems. This collaborative project brought together various participants with different capabilities but similar mind-set to solve the business challenge of CSPs. The entire project was effectively managed to condense the production processes and ensured creative output, better productivity, high-quality and faster delivery.”

Intellza is our AI-enabled real-time personalisation solution. In Intellza, the assimilation and unification of customer data are not limited to usage patterns. It also covers channel-campaigns responsiveness and recent/current personal contexts. Intelligent data analysis and advanced AI/ML algorithms provide actionable insights for the next best engagement at a speed and scale, unlike no other products in the market.

The AI-powered Business Intelligence solution was validated in the event by leading telcos – Orange and Deutsche Telekom. Watch those testimonial videos. 

Arnold Buddenberg, Enterprise Digital Business & IT Transformation Architect, Orange

Lucius Gruber, Enterprise Architect, Deutsche Telekom

To know more about Intellza and STL’s demo at TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2019,  Click Here

1Source: Gartner

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