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How STL is powering this mega Industry 4.0 plant

Industry 4.0 with STL

Industry 4.0 is the new buzzword for manufacturing facilities and STL is a global technology leader, with its feet firmly grounded in manufacturing excellence and wings widely spread in digital communications landscape.

What can be better than one enabling the other.

The power of STL in STL!

We have created, not a miniature, but a full blown model of a colossal 4.0 plant, completely running on STL backbone and platforms.

Project Gaurav is one of the world’s largest greenfield glass plants, which will take STL’s optical fibre capacity to a whopping 50 million fkm annually.

Built on the fundamentals of the smart factory model, the plant leverages the power of automation, IoT and robotics to deliver the highest yield throughput capacity.

An ecosystem of intelligent machines, cloud & cognitive computing and cyber-physical systems is running on STL enabled “Massive Intra-Plant Connectivity”

This unique “STL in STL” combination has helped us create a model plant.

Here is a list down of all the things “STL” @ Gaurav

  • STL optical solutions for network backbone – 100% of Plant Gaurav data travels on our innovative, cutting edge 6F optical fibre cables.
  • Highly reliable access & control network – in both glass and draw plants
  • CAT6a cables for end user connectivity – Creating an end user ecosystem with thousands of seamlessly connected people and devices
  • STL’s IPBX system – Telephone network for the plant runs on Neox, our VOIP IPBX system manages 150 IP phones and connects users across various departments
  • Building management system – of huge premises runs on STL connectivity solutions
  • CCTV network – across plant premises enabled by STL network
Power of STL in project Gaurav

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