STL innovating its way to create network solutions of future

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Internet defines the way a large population on this planet lives, works and interact. The importance of Internet connectivity in our lives couldn’t have been more reaffirmed during the times of COVID-19. Millions of people across the globe are now confined to their homes and finding it comfortable to work thanks to the uninterrupted connectivity. Despite most of the employees working from homes, businesses have still been able to break boundaries with use of technology and Internet.

Data-hungry networks for data-hungry users

The human’s appetite for data has hit new levels in the last few years. To cope up with the hunger for data, telcos have given up traditional networks for nimble ones to create scalable platforms where connectivity, compute and storage can now co-exist. These software–driven networks comprise technologies such as virtual network functions, centralized control, decentralized, edge compute and memory. They are now capable of data computing, storage and analysis, at the edge closer to the point of consumption and generation of data and applications. Networks collect and analyse quintillion bytes of data and build/modify their business strategies, improve their operational efficiencies, and make breakthrough in customer experiences.

Network solutions for the future

With data networks being transformed from the traditional models, there is a need of network solutions that can keep up with the demands of present as well as future. STL, an industry-leading integrator of data networks, has the core capabilities to design, build and manage data networks for our customers. With core capabilities in optical connectivity, network and system integration, and virtualized access solutions, we deliver end-to-end solutions for data networks to global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises.

Innovation is our DNA

STL believes in constant innovation to create a world with next-generation connected experiences that transform everyday living. Our focus is on providing innovative end-to-end network solutions that enable service providers to reach the customers faster, deliver the best customer experience while optimising their capital and operational costs. Following are the initiatives we have taken to boost our capabilities to innovate for the world of future:

Centres of Excellence

STL boasts of Centres of Excellence where we conduct fundamental research in next-generation network applications and prototype network technologies and used cases. The state-of-the-art facilities include research laboratories, demonstration centres and testing facility to enhance STL’s capabilities in data networks integration. STL also has software-development centres across India and a data centre design facility in the United Kingdom.

Patent-led growth

A testament of our innovation led initiatives is our steady growing patent portfolio. With a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence, finest researchers and prestigious international industry-academia R&D collaborations, we have been able to build a patent portfolio of over 350 patents registered across Asia, Europe and Northern America.

Innovation challenges

STL has currently organised an Innovation Challenge, inviting startups and innovators to brainstorm and come up with breakthrough technologies to handle data network needs of the future. Some of the innovations could unlock values of reduction in surveillance costs and increase in productivity of the optical fibre cable networks. The shortlisted applicants have co-created these solutions with STL and soon, we hope to incorporate these in various fibre deployment projects across India and abroad.

With data networks transforming for good, STL aims to create a world with next-generation connected experiences that transform everyday living. The only way to do this is keep innovating our way to the future.

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