STL enables a nation-wide 5G-ready optical network across 17,000 Indonesian Islands

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Imagine what our digital networks can do for us

STL enables a nation-wide 5G-ready optical network across 17,000 Indonesian Islands

The Internet: Then vs Now

1969 was a monumental year for technology. Not many realised it at the time.

On Oct 29, 1969, a team of graduate students from UCLA, led by Professor Leonard Kleinrock established a host-to-host communication of ARPANET, a packet-switching network. They achieved this by creating a computer-to-computer connection with a team at the Stanford Research Institute. This piece of technology would go on to serve as the precursor to what we know as the Internet today. 

Building on the foundation of this breakthrough, there has been tremendous growth in the past 52 years concerning digital networks and technology. Everybody agrees that the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. We would go a step further and suggest that it has become a necessity for survival. Such is its omnipresence that it has pretty much disappeared into the background of our lives, with technology and apps flawlessly integrating into our homes, wearable gadgets and transportation. Universal connectivity has long become the established norm.

Impact of the Pandemic

Although the growth and development of the internet and related technologies is a rapidly evolving process, the human race has learned to adapt to new tools and systems effortlessly. Talking about the importance of a strong digital network might seem banal but the recent coronavirus pandemic has highlighted it like never before. The longer we endure this pandemic, the limitations and advantages of remote working and being self-sufficient become more and more clear. Even though economies are reopening and people are returning to offices, many businesses are expressing their desire to establish a hybrid model of remote work for employees. The virus has caused the removal of barriers to remote working and initiated a shift in working habits. 

The Monumental Role of Internet Providers

The number one non-negotiable in all of this is the availability of a strong digital network that makes all of this possible. With social distancing and lockdowns executed in all parts of the world, people need to carry on their work and communication to sustain their livelihood and mental well-being. All the tools for work and social interaction are only available with a strong digital network and internet provider. Thus, 5G service providers and communication platforms have seen an exponential rise in demand and growth. 

As constant consumers of internet services throughout the lockdown, we are all aware of the role it has in keeping us engaged. It has opened up a world of possibilities for us as we sit home, bounded by this lethal virus. Despite having to refrain from social contact and interaction, we have never been this well-connected. The greatest support in making this possible has come from the network service providers making 4G and 5G networks available easily across the globe.

The physical world might have come to a halt, but our lives in terms of work and communication have not been impacted as gravely thanks to these digital networks. Be it video conferences, communication, webinars or social media, our ability to lead a dynamic life has been more or less retained. 

STL Connects 17,000 Indonesian Islands

Countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have witnessed an influx of tourists in the past year post lockdown, for remote working and the new ‘staycation’ trend. People moved to these areas for a relaxed and easy-going work environment as well as a strong digital network that could support their work requirements. The availability of a reliable digital network has brought us to a point where our physical location does not impact the quality of our work or its delivery.

This has only been possible because of the strong network providers in the area. A leading telecommunication infrastructure provider in Indonesia has singlehandedly been able to connect over 17K islands and 300+ ethnic groups, transforming their everyday lives during these tough times. Built on a 100% fibre optic network, and enabled by STL’s tech prowess, the services are reliable and secure. Owing to these services, work from home and education for kids has been a stress-free task for the locals. 

As we continue to battle and survive the pandemic, these network providers have proved a boon to human lives. Technology has yet again demonstrated the extent to which it influences and enhances our lives.

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