STL Connecting Every Home With Its Optical Fibre Connectivity Solutions

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Sterlite technologies born out of the incredible vision of our Chairman Mr Anil Agarwal is committed to connecting every home on the planet

Journey Begins

Our family business was a scrap business also cable business used to collect scrap from the cable company and always used to think to have a cable company established for ourselves it was very difficult the private player to come into in this business because of the financing licensing and so on but we could make our headway from a humble beginning two decades back we have become one of the world’s leading and India’s only vertically integrated sand to broadband company. We are the only company that starts with silica as the raw material to make glass preform to draw up optical fibers and make customized fiber-optic cables our expertise and experience is across the value chain building cross country network infrastructure deploying technology platforms like MPLS DWDM and GPON on providing unparalleled user experience through high speeds last mile access developing e-education content.

Global Expansion

Through our global operations in India, China and Brazil we are supplying 20 million fiber kilometers across five continents and 75 countries our high-performance products serve as the backbone infrastructure for leading global operators such as British Telecom, Vodafone, China mobile, Saudi telecom, Airtel amongst others more than 40 percent of India’s daytime voice communication ride-on Sterlite’s fibre as for the World Bank a 10% increase in broadband penetration will increase India’s GDP by 1.4%. Sterlite is proud to play a leading role to enhance the broadband penetration in our country and helping realize the government’s vision of Digital India, Make In India and a hundred smart cities.

Service To Nation

Sterlite is proud to play a leading role to enhance the broadband penetration in our country and help realize the government’s vision of Digital India, Make In India, and hundred smart cities but moving the Government of India to connect 250,000-gram panchayats as part of national optical fiber network project helping secure our country by our NFS project for Indian defence where we are deploying our fiber infrastructure across some of the most challenging terrain assuring India to leapfrog into next generation technology like 4G by partnering with all the telecom operators providing 100 Mbps fiber to the home access to more than a hundred and fifty thousand connected homes across top cities of India. We have enabled e-education across a hundred and fifteen give us full schools in Mumbai providing their children access to superior education content making them more confident to face the world of tomorrow.

Innovation Centre

Our centre of excellence at Aurangabad is a one of its kind research facility in India and stands as a true testimony to our capability and will help India lead next-generation technology innovation. As a thought leader in broadband connectivity, Sterlite technologies is envisioning a flatter more connected world where people at every corner have access to the information we are committed to our vision to connect every home on the planet.

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