Skilling for Next Generation Networks

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With the advent of 5G and complex applications expected to span over the telecom industry, there is a 28% demand supply gap of heterogeneous skillsets in areas of artificial intelligence, cloud management, database intelligence, cybersecurity, programming & many more. To bridge this gap, Pune-based Sterlite Technologies (STL), through its educational initiative STL Academy, has contributed by training over 1,00,000 professionals in establishing India as a digital talent hub. 

They are on a mission to reduce the skillset gap in the industry for successful implementation of 5G in a timely and seamless manner. Through this academy, STL provides Intensive training that pertains to Deployment Practices, Troubleshooting & Network maintenance to STL’s partner operators, the organisation’s project engineers and Army personnel involved in Network for Spectrum (NFS) maintenance. 

STL Academy’s Learn from Home (LFH) series has conducted 40+ webinars; 500+ IBM professional certifications; and 30 SimpliLearn certifications. The Academy has integrated 8000 IIHT Courses, 7 FOA certifications (CFOT), and a NASSCOM Alliance for National certification programmes to undertake relevant skill upgradation courses for STL candidates/students, faculty/staff and mobilize 100,000 youth under the NASSCOM skill project.

So far, deployments in other countries have shown that end-to-end integration is critical to make 5G and its upgradations work. Seizing this opportunity, STL is upskilling the industry for a digital transformation.

STL Academy recently bagged a place in Guinness World Record for the second time when they received 1,19,000 registrations for their 5G Empower event and successfully delivered the program to 5868 participants with certification in flat 24 hours.

According to our HR leader, witnessing a rise in demand for professionals with diverse skill sets that span the hardware and software layers of 5G networks, STL has continued to help its employees scale up their learning quotient through STL Academy, upholding the value of ‘Hunger to Learn’. As a company, STL is committed to serving the greater good. This spirit permeates STL Academy’s mission too. All the Academy’s efforts ultimately culminate in their pursuit of a larger, public-spirited goal, which is to build a robust and reliable network for the nation and to create talent development and employment opportunities for the youth globally.

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