Skill Development For New Generation Network Deployment

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At STL the larger purpose is to transform everyday living by delivering smart networks and the way we are engaged with companies to be data network innovators. STL Academy brings huge focus on building this capability. Building an ecosystem specialist in country is very key for delivering this larger purpose and vision for the company and country.

T Fibre Project

The way we are engaged with some of the projects in the states is to build this Network which will bring broadband to the rural places which in Telangana will be T fibre project. Team involved in this project and now we are considering the project where we can involve some of the greatest technology for deployment to make it faster and also make it reliable

FTec Telangana

Along with this side, we also reason that we brought F tech to Telangana to Hyderabad is basically also bring this biggest advantage off bringing this latest technology in developing data network especially in the fibre side which is FTTX or wireless technology. The knowledge of next-generation which is all you people who are youngsters and what you get taught at colleges if you can actually get focused and you can get exposed to this find latest knowledge is in network deployment and it would be a great advantage for you to also be involved in this larger network deployment. Also, it helps to create a new capacity and new capability and our keen interest is that whatever we do in this business goes back to the society and it actually helps next generation take the best advantage.

Growing Telecom Industry

Apart from IT industry telecom industry is also growing in leaps and bounds I still remember the days when incoming call used to be 64 rupees and today all voice calls are free the reason is because it’s more of data being used instead of voice with 5G coming in things are going to further change which means a lot of job opportunities are going to get created but it will get created and people will be able to take benefit from these opportunities only if you are trained. Sterlite is bringing FTec 2.0 to Telangana I would urge all colleges all students especially engineering colleges and Polytechnic colleges to participate in this unique event which is being brought by Sterlite where for two days on the 5th and 6th of March training would be provided on fibre technology. Be part of this and get an advantage and get a good job or internship in the telecom industry.

Exclusive Workshop

STL Academy is conducting an F tech workshop exclusively for Telangana in this workshop experts from various domains would be talking about fibre technologies smart cities and network converges. I would hence request all the engineers to participate actively in it and get themselves certified so that it would give them new job opportunities and a great career with the right skills. Please join this F tech with us in Hyderabad it is going to be a great opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity and it is something that is very specially designed for you and the country’s needs today.

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