Simplified Operations, Amplified Possibilities: Cloud PCRF

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Today a number industries and business verticals are realizing the power of cloud computing and NFV. PCRF is among the first Network Field Application that is being virtualized and cloud ready. Operators can do more activities around data services, while utilizing cloud based PCRF solutions. With clearly visible advantages around better manageability and controls, cloud based PCRF is increasingly being adopted as service providers realize the big value in cloud based control-plane applications such as – PCRF and achieve greater level of hardware cost savings. With completely virtualized PCRF working on the cloud, telecom operators can easily scale their PCRF to cater to the new age traffic, gain more control on new regions and hence increase their chances of having new monetization possibilities around data services. As operators continue to streamline their operations in a highly competitive business landscape, they are more open to outsourcing PCRF in order to save money, as well as keep their core focus activities intact. This phenomenon is driving a lot of cloud service providers to drive ‘PCRF as a Service’ model for the operator community. Challenges with current PCRF Solutions
  • Legacy PCRF solutions are generally not that flexible to handle innovative data oriented plans, much needed in next generation data driven technologies such as LTE.
  • Legacy PCRF solutions have limited or no integration with charging functions.
  • And most important, expansion of such legacy PCRF solution is quite costly and makes a big dent on the CapEx for the operator.
  • New PCRF deployment takes additional 4-6 weeks time and it takes big effort to integrate such solutions with existing ecosystem of the operator. It also needs to be attuned to the rack space, network hardware and storage.
  • In order to drive a seamless integration of PCRF, a new team of experts is needed which also adds to the overall cost of the solution.
How Cloud driven PCRF can overcome these challenges for operators On the other hand, PCRF on cloud offers a number of advantages. It adds a big value to the total value proposition of the business side of operations and also offers significant time to market advantage to the organization, while delivering unmatched cost benefits. A cloud based ready to use deployment can be done in a day’s time, expansion are possible at the touch of a button and with a few configurations the system can be up and running. The complete solution is preconfigured and interoperable with the existing ecosystem. Owing to its advantages towards driving down the OpEx as well as CapEx, easy to configure cloud services are increasingly being adopted by operators with an aim to make their networks more agile and for rapid service innovation. Cloud based PCRF can drive features such as
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Auto scaling
  • Pay on a rental mode
Delivering all the above mentioned cloud driven advantages, Elitecore NetVertex PCRF is virtualization ready, it will also be available on cloud based on SAAS model, thus supporting Elastic PCRF or Pay as you go model for operators. Click here to know more.

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