Self Care Service the next frontier in enhancing profitability for telecoms

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Evolution Of Customer Service in Telecom Industry The Next Battlefield in Telecom : MSelfCare App With the exponential growth of smartphones and next generation networks, operators are looking for smarter ways to connect and engage with their subscribers and this is where the concept of ‘self-care’ is helping operators in terms of uplifting their APRU by enabling self-service user interface. At a time when end customers look for better experience and increased ease of use for the services, it is time for telecom operators to drive self-care applications and gain more from automated interactions. With the help of enabling self-service driven OSS and BSS systems, today’s CSPs can become tomorrow’s true experience providers and at the same time streamline their customer service, deliver a better customer experience as well as drive down support and call center costs greatly benefiting their operations.
Why Self-Care Makes Sense Today?
After providing self-care driven automation in the hands of customers, CSPs can expect to see better utilization of their network resources in the form of increased data usage and delivery of better experience for the customers. For example, instead of beginning to watch an IPL match video and then getting disrupted midway through as a data pack runs out, the consumer can be proactively informed well before the video starts, that he or she needs to top up their balance in order to experience the video in a seamless manner. Similarly from a business perspective, if a consumer needs a greater level of QoS – to make an important business Skype call – then they should be able to buy a data boost in order to maintain business-class QoS. Working on similar lines, CSPs can provide these unique experience opportunities for consumers interested in music, games etc, while also enable the button of choice in the hands of customers to make their own billing choices in real-time. This level of customer self service for CSPs can help deliver a better personalized service experience for the customers that will drive greater stickiness for the bond between the CSPs and their customers.
Operators can take the following steps to take full advantage of mobile self-care Apps.
  • Operators should launch a mobile self-care interface to make customers comfortable with the technology and the capabilities of automated customer interaction channels.
  • Operators need to ensure that their self-care interface is consistent across various device platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft etc. Users can get confused if there are major changes in the interface when they access the self-care app from different devices.
  • Operators can only win by following simplicity. It is important to keep the interface simple even at the expense of functionality. This is an important driver for the adoption of mobile self-care.
  • Operators also need to support their Self-Care initiative by promoting it through various marketing channels. In preparation for the launch of mobile self-service, operators need to employ an effective marketing campaign using traditional advertising channels as well as promoting the same at social media platforms.
Big Benefits of Self-Care
Reduce call centre costs – Reduce operational overhead and costs of serving in-bound calls to call centres and responding to email enquiries. Minimise churn – Minimise churn by improving customer satisfaction via easy to use self-care services. Increase revenue – Allow subscribers to access, manage and configure plans or purchase additional services from anywhere and on any device.
The Elitecore Proposition
Elitecore has its in-house developed self-care app that could be white labeled as per operator’s requirement and get seamlessly integrated with inside their network, offering their customers with a synchronized subscriber care environment where the user is able to manage their accounts, balances, usage and other service related aspects without the need for administration. To know more download Elitecore M-Self Care Brochure.

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