Secured and Seamless Availability in a Hotel is the Key To Win Guest Satisfaction

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  One thing that can dramatically increase guest satisfaction staying in a hotel is secured and swift wi-fi service facility. People want free wi-fi during their hotel stay A recent study reveals that more than 90% of business travelers staying in a hotel desire wi-fi access in their rooms, lobbies, and other areas. More than 35% of business travelers do not prefer to stay in hotels if wireless connectivity is not available in hotel rooms. The hotel industry is integrating advanced amenities to address rising expectations of guests and improve their overall satisfaction. This includes providing free wi-fi access, and other in-room comforts. That is, along with wi-fi connectivity hotels can also implement other smart services to win guests hearts and make their stay more comfortable. For example, allowing guests to use their smart phone as a room key – allowing guests to use their smart phone as hotel room key is the latest attraction nowadays offered by hotels. This can be done easily by sending a pin number at the time of check-in or configure smart phone itself as a room key. Other attractions that can be offered to guests via wi-fi includes distant check-in by which basic check-in formalities can be done from mobile application using a smart phone, or virtual helping desk by which guests can connect to hotel staff using their smartphones apps instead of walking down to physical desk. Hotels aspiring to offer these facilities to guests should first make sure that the basic wi-fi connectivity is available. Business travelers give high priority to quality of wi-fi service available in a hotel while booking a room. Hotels should focus on deploying a wi-fi solution that can address multiple device connections, bandwidth management requirements, network security needs, and ubiquitous coverage to deliver a great wi-fi experience to each guest. With increasing use of mobile devices connected to hotel’s wi-fi, network security has become essential need. Moreover, it is a challenge for hotels to deliver high-speed and hassle-free connectivity to all their guests. Using solutions like 24online HIA (Hospitality Internet Access) Management solution, providing swift wireless internet access to users becomes a simple and easy task. Wi-fi hotspot solutions makes it easy and convenient for people to achieve wireless access on their mobile devices or laptops at airports, hotels or shopping malls. With 24online solution, hotels can quickly manage different events for their conference rooms and provide wireless connectivity. It facilitates to create different internet packages for different events with customized policies. It is an all-in-one solution providing flawless bandwidth management, access control, AAA [Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting], and reporting features. Author’s Bio 24online is a product of Elitecore and global provider of SMS & HIA series for internet billing and bandwidth management solution. 24online HIA is with industry standard features like authenticated user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration networking, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tool. It has a large client base of 3500+ installations that extends to 60+ countries. 24online Global Support Management Centre (GMSC) team is readily available to provide instant support for any type of technical support on 24online solutions.

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