Robust Internet Access Management help ISPs to optimize bandwidth and better ROI

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Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) fail to provide flawless internet connectivity to users due to some common reasons, which include improper control on bandwidth management, billing services, preventing revenue leakages or network security. With evolution of latest handheld devices and Wi-Fi technology, the demand for more bandwidth is never ending. ISPs have to optimize the available bandwidth and deliver advanced internet services to users to stay ahead of the competition. Along with growing needs of internet connectivity at corporate offices, there is an equivalent rise in demand at residential buildings, hotels, coffee shops, airports, shopping malls, etc. Enabling internet access at the public hotspots also means accommodating large number of smart phone devices concurrently connected to the network. It requires flawless bandwidth control, internet usage monitoring, maintaining a secured network, and providing faultless connectivity. ISPs need to have a proper bandwidth management strategy that takes care of bandwidth allocation based on priorities and allows administrator to fairly distribute the bandwidth to all the users in the network. If there are multiple operator networks, then it is also important that different zones and regions can be created in the system. Each operator can be view their user base and manage the network with ease. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the network congestion and revenue leakage is prevented and faster ROI is generated. To fulfill such objective, there are several internet access management solutions which enable operators to improve network speed and deliver high-quality internet connectivity. Internet Access Management solutions like 24online offers a comprehensive system which includes AAA, access gateway, bandwidth control and management, internet billing, franchisee management, coupon management, policy control and QoS features, all in a single box. 24online solution is designed to provide complete control over the network and manage major network level challenges. It secures the network by allowing service providers to efficiently manage mobility and deliver highly productive mobile user experience. Bandwidth management features facilitates them to allocate specific amount of bandwidth to users as per the customizable data plans.

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