Robot Friends at Work? Sterlite Tech an Example of Automation Done Right

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The possibility that most of us will share our offices with robot colleagues in the not too distant future is all too real. Given that such a change is largely unprecedented, it’s only natural for people to be apprehensive about the impending wave of automation.

The Transformation Team at Sterlite Tech, however, has exemplified how Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can be implemented in a way that isn’t disruptive and can instead be rewarding to all stakeholders involved.

RPA as a technology simulates human behavior directly on the application which bypasses the need for the complex integrations that are required for traditional IT automation. This in turn enables RPA implementations to be extremely agile and process owners can be directly involved to leverage the operational knowledge they process. All of this leads to much shorter implementation time for RPA Bots.

RPA has helped organizations reduce turnaround times, scale up volumes and increase process accuracy.

“The Invoice Processing Bot will allow the company to scale multi-x and bring better jobs with reskilled employees, so they can add more value. Those employees can now concentrate on more meaningful work, which helps them advance their careers and is a better utilization of human capital for us as a company.”, says Sharanga Bora of the Transformation Team.

Apart from this, there is a ‘fun’ application of this technology that the Transformation Team has introduced, called the ‘Birthday Bot’. There has long existed a tradition of employees receiving e-mails on their birthdays, but it was recently found out that the employees thought the generic e-mails could be improved upon. So the team made use of bots to post personalized cards on Workplace (Facebook for Sterlite Tech) and ‘tag’ the birthday boy/ girl in those posts. The bot personalizes the messages with a weather report for the location of the employee, making it more fun@work.

These initiatives have been a huge hit and they are in keeping with Sterlite Tech’s endeavor to create an environment which encourages out of the box thinking, ensuring sustainable growth.

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