Public Wi-Fi takes Center Stage as Carriers’ Next Big Strategy

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  To meet subscribers’  demand for ‘Anytime, Anywhere‘ connectivity,  operators are connecting Carrier Wi-Fi to public places like Hospitality, Cafes, Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Event Venues, Airplanes, Metro Stations, Government & Educational Institutions and more. Operators are continuously exploring Public Wi-Fi opportunities to deliver enhanced user experience and generate revenue streams by offering differentiated services to their subscribers. Simply put, carrier Wi-Fi enables these operators to deploy Wi-Fi services with a greater range of capabilities and at a lower cost of ownership. Since more subscribers are choosing to opt for Wi-Fi than their dedicated 3G/4G networks, it will enable operators to seamlessly connect carrier Wi-Fi with public places like stadiums, libraries or shopping malls can quickly and easily help them bring in more revenue. According to aggregated data from a 2014 Wireless Broadband Alliance Research, operators are growing increasingly confident in the potential of public Wi-Fi; specifically, 52 percent are more confident about investing in public Wi-Fi than they were one year ago. Being one of the most emerging and dynamic wireless technologies, a power shift has been observed in Wi-Fi adoption from traditional telcos to the venue owners and retailers who are also getting on the Wi-Fi game to gain competitive edge and win customer loyalty. Enhancing Experience for Fans at Live-Events Wi-Fi can offer a gamut of services for end users at various events. The service providers can offer free Wi-Fi services to all the spectators, show them advertisements on their smart devices via operator specific mobile app, show location directions within the event location, online ticket sale, merchandise sale, live video replays for the events, event related news, photos, social media update etc. all possible through Wi-Fi. Engaging Shoppers with Wi-Fi  Retailers around the world are providing Wi-Fi to bring more customers into the shop and encourage them to spend more time there. Features such as real-time analytics and heat mapping can enable the shop owners to receive relevant information about their customers so that they can modify their branding and sales strategies accordingly.  Such Wi-Fi Solution enables the retailers to offer the end users with discount coupons on mobile app, flash advertisements, real time promotions and offers to the walk-in shoppers, directions in the mall, best deals and so on. Connectivity on the Go for Commuters A quick update on social media, accessing important emails, searching online deals or checking weather forecasts or hotel availability for the destination location; communication options are simply limitless for the travelers with Wi-Fi. Service providers offer complimentary Wi-Fi services to travelers in trains airplanes, buses, etc. for an enhanced service experience, attain user’s mindshare, create visibility and increase monetization opportunities.  Smart cities for Smart Citizens: The concept of Smart Cities has taken on a lot of traction and cities around the world are harnessing the power of Wi-Fi to enable real-time information and gain valuable insights for its citizens. Enabling smart city concept to provide location specific services, real time offers, promotions and deals based on locations, etc. operators are turning to advertising as a new revenue stream, partnering with OTT and social media, reconciling with other service providers for network sharing. Owing to its advantages as a cost effective and yet extremely powerful technology, Wi-Fi is fast gaining momentum in the telecoms space, however, regardless of popularity, the use of Wi-Fi is limited as subscribers need to discover, select and access each hotspot. Operators are trying to address this by transforming the Wi-Fi experience, adding the mobility features of cellular networks, including automatic authentication and connection, seamless handover, automatic roaming and security. Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP has been built around a flexible framework to support carrier-grade ecosystem and enables operators and retailers to tap new revenue opportunities with rapid and cost effective deployments. Click here to know more.

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