Propelling Monetization Opportunities for MSOs with Innovative Billing

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Cable Industry is witnessing major changes and huge opportunities have emerged due to growth and technology. With reforms like cable digitization, growth in new media, impact of digital technologies and distribution and other technological changes happening at a rapid speed, a new world of innovations is certainly on rise. Marking a paradigm shift in the end user experience in entertainment, cable digitization will ensure that end consumers get access to better quality content, at the same time, this can provide an ideal platform for MSOs to innovate on weaving integrated billing and subscriber management into their systems and innovate on providing next generation entertainment services to their end customers and benefit from this change as well. Converting Challenges into Opportunities With rapid digitization, industry players are now focusing on creating business models and revenue streams to monetize from digital media, instead of simply using it as an engagement tool. Cable MSOs (Multi-system operators) are heavily investing in order to embrace the next generation standards in cable digitization. On the other hand, the increasing numbers of digital TV households and high-speed broadband households is also enabling MSOs to expand their subscriber base and innovate on maximizing revenue opportunities through next generation service offerings such as high definition TV, faster internet access, On-demand Music/Content/Video, Triple Play, etc. As cable operators prepare their networks to handle digitization in a cost effective manner, and at the same time look at capturing ever-increasing customer market share, they are facing key business challenges such as –
  • To ensure that new digital service delivery process performs authentication, device identification, payment etc. the operators require a more dynamic billing & customer care solution.
  • To make sure that the end customers get benefited through personalized services and content flexibility on a continuous basis.
  • To ensure that there is support for providing multiple digital services on multiple networks like FTTH, HFC or COAX and managing the large number of digital devices & applications at single touch point.
In addition to the above customer centric challenges, MSOs also have business centric challenges such as maintaining subscriber and revenue transparency based on LCOs (Local Cable Operators) / JVs(Joint Ventures), ensuring quick inter-partner settlement with broadcasters, content and OTT providers on new revenue streams and offering real time customer alerts & notifications that can be integrated with the STB system to view and manage payment and services information in a smooth manner. All the above challenges can be converted into opportunities for the MSOs and can be efficiently addressed with the help of a next generation billing and subscriber management solution that can provide the sufficient business flexibility and scalability to deliver return on their network investment. To know how Elitecore can bring innovative monetization for MSOs, please click here

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