Pre-integrated BSS Solution Gets Greenfield Service Providers to Market Faster with LTE

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Greenfield deployments—network installations where none previously existed—offer service providers ample competitive advantages and revenue opportunities. But speed is key in this process, and getting to market fast is exceedingly important given today’s ever-competitive marketplace. Therefore, Greenfield service providers looking to launch their new Long Term Evolution (LTE) data services should rely on complete, pre-integrated stacks of BSS and packet core offerings. Such a solution comes complete with packet core offerings which accelerates time to market and helps lower costs on the provider’s end. Furthermore, using real-time integrated analytics, service providers can personalize their service plans (i.e. family plans or Facebook free plans) around specific consumer activities and behaviours, opening the door for additional revenue paths. Benefits of a pre-integrated BSS solution for Greenfield providers looking to go to market with LTE services include:
  • Greater data plan innovation
  • Stronger balance of network resources and customer experience
  • Superior customer engagement and loyalty through contextual offerings
With a 360-degree view of subscribers, usage and services, service providers are able to more intelligently monetize data services by bringing off-the-shelf LTE business processes and use cases to the market—and faster than ever before. Furthermore, cloud and virtualized deployment readiness enables service providers to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX with a single license and service contract. The benefits of a comprehensive, pre-integrated BSS solution for Greenfield LTE monetization are clear. Elitecore’s carrier-grade, industry standard LTE revenue and customer management BSS platform can help you bring these benefits to fruition. Click here to learn more.

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