Powering Monetization for Wi-Fi networks

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Better intelligence driven data analytics techniques are providing a solid platform for operators to increase their chances of monetizing their networks With more and more operators moving towards an era of heterogeneous networks, where different technologies such as 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi coexist, it is increasingly getting down to their ability to monetize subscriber transactions that is deciding the winners in the next generation race for telecoms profitability. In such a scenario, gathering the right amount of subscriber related business intelligence is seen as a great way to boost potential of monetization, especially from Wi-Fi networks. Driven by a crunch to deliver data intensive services, large set of operators are moving towards embracing heterogeneous network environments and hence there is an increasing demand for closely weaving Wi-Fi inside the network fabric. But on the other hand, managing such great amount of network complexity with the control systems along with the wealth of data flowing is a great challenge for the operator community and hence, operators are continuously looking forward to incorporate effective ways to achieve qualitative subscriber based insights from quantitative data originating inside their network environment. And even when operators are successful in obtaining rich subscriber data, they find it extremely difficult to monetize such data intensive opportunities. This is where an intelligence driven network monetization can help operators mobilize better revenue opportunities from their existing network ecosystem. Network driven business intelligence is seen as a set of decision making tools and applications that can be used to collect, store and analyse subscriber data which can be further converted into actionable information for operators’ monetization goals. Some of such applications and strategies are built around data usage and device usage analytics coming from subscriber data and hence such analytics drives operators to provide better plans based on network usage, devices, preferences, location, data usage, promotional offers and thus deliver quality of experience (QoE), and gain more from their existing infrastructure investments. The Power of Wi-Fi Business Intelligence in Monetization There is essentially a requirement of  Smart Wi-Fi with business Intelligence that builds the analytics to analyze and monitor Wi-Fi data in order to provide exceptional quality of service with enhanced operational efficiency and innovative plans/bundled packages. Using such intelligence will help operators to create dynamic policies based on user requirement and thus offer differentiated services enabling to launch new innovative business models that enables operators to monetize from Wi-Fi network.

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