Performance and Security driving Wi-Fi Management Need in Hospitals

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In the new digital world internet access is the backbone. Whether the user is at home, at a hotel, airport lounge, at a shopping mall or at a hospital, user looks forward to connectivity and Wi-Fi is proving to be the engine driving instant connectivity ecosystem. Offering wireless internet connectivity in a hospital has become one of the most basic amenities nowadays. Healthcare technology is continuously changing, that is, more medical devices and equipment’s are designed in a way to be used with internet connectivity. Hospitals having high-speed and secured Wi-Fi connectivity are benefitted with improved health IT, improved and speedy internal communications resulting to better decision making process, and increased patients and visitor satisfaction from hospital services. Before offering Wi-Fi facility in your hospital, it is important to ask – Is your hospital ready for delivering secured wireless access to staff, patients and visitors? Below are a few top challenges which are faced by hospitals –
  • A hospital should have such physical design and infrastructure that can smoothly support Wi-Fi network without causing any interference or malfunctions in other hospital equipments or operations.
  • Maintaining a network where patients and visitors can access wireless internet through their personal devices, enabling BYOD for users. Moreover, keeping swiftness with huge variety of mobile devices used for accessing hospital Wi-Fi.
  • Maintaining a secured network should be the top concern while offering wireless connectivity in hospitals. This can be achieved by ensuring that only authenticated user traffic is allowed to access the hospital network.
  • Hospital data security is also one of the major concerns to be considered. A complete Wi-Fi solution that can understand healthcare institution network is required to be deployed. This solution should have effective network security techniques to eliminate the chances of data leakage or breach.
  • Having a consistent connectivity at all areas of hospital is bit challenging. An internet network should be designed in such a way that without disturbing the existing medical setup in a hospital or causing any interference in other applications, wi-fi performance should be proficient.
Considering above challenges, hospitals need a comprehensive Wi-Fi healthcare management solution that can capably manage and control internet data usage, allowing safe and secured access to the network and maintaining complete track of user logs and usage details. 24online has a solution specially designed and developed for healthcare industry segment that can capably manage hospital networks. It effectively manages fair distribution of bandwidth, allows only authenticated traffic in the network for effective security, and provides user’s logs and surfing details in a systematic manner. By deploying 24online healthcare solution, hospitals can achieve outstanding patient and visitor satisfaction level while they access Wi-Fi. Author’s Bio 24online is a product of Elitecore and global provider of SMS & HIA series for internet billing and bandwidth management solution. 24online HIA is with industry standard features like authenticated user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration networking, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tool. It has a large client base of 3500+ installations that extends to 60+ countries. 24online Global Support Management Centre (GMSC) team is readily available to provide instant support for any type of technical support on 24online solutions.

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