Partner Management in the era of Digital Convergence

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           How a robust partner management system helps CSPs ensure profitability and help in retaining right partnerships With the increasing use of smart devices and high-speed internet, consumers are accessing an extensive list of online services that are impacting and redefining the way they perceive day-to-day activities. The changing digital landscape and the increasing demand for converged services are pushing the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to change their traditional approach and realign themselves to the new requirements. Omni-channel approach and real-time engagement are what customers are primarily looking for. To expand the scope of services offered, CSPs need to extend collaborations with telcos, OTT service providers, payment gateway providers, mobile virtual network operator/enabler (MVNO/E), content providers, internet service provider/multiple system operator (ISP/MSO), cloud partner, leased line & fibre wholesale partner and digital IoT partner. When multiple partners are involved, ensuring profitability and retaining the collaboration become very crucial for a balanced long-term growth. This is where a robust partner management system like Sterlite Tech’s Partner Management System is required to process a huge amount of information, onboard multiple partners, ensure faster claim settlement, effectively manage disputes and automate the entire process. To understand the possibilities of partner management systems, we need to get more clarity on the role of CSPs when they partner with different service providers. Virtual Operators Virtual operator allows small entrepreneurs to acquire bandwidth from CSPs and re-sell it as data. CSPs can charge different tariffs while leasing spectrum to aggregators. These aggregators may not deploy their infrastructure as they rely on CSPs for billing support. Wi-Fi Hotspot Providers                                                                     Free Wi-Fi access is provided at airports, clubs, cafes, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and railway stations to upsell or improve customer experience. Based on the agreement, customers can access CSP’s Wi-Fi hotspots for a subscribed period. Online Gaming According to Nasscom’s global study, India ranks fifth in game downloads and it is likely to improve with the increasing 4G services and availability of affordable smartphones. CSPs can partner with developers who host the game on dedicated servers. CSPs can also play an important role in addressing the challenges related to monetization, billing and refund. Online Content and Entertainment The demand for subscribed content has opened the doors for new monetization avenues for CSPs. By entering into strategic partnerships with over-the-top (OTT) service providers, CSPs can bill, manage refunds, provide analytics support and predict user behaviour for the content provider. Supermarket Chains Supermarkets are becoming Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and offering customers loyalty support. The MVNO subscribers get loyalty points and discounts on in-store purchases. To manage the customer’s loyalty program and discounts, CSPs require partner settlement systems to minimize complications and disputes with partner MVNO. Mobile Money Digital transactions routed through smartphones provide a great opportunity for CSPs as they can administer mobile payment services. In line with the regulatory and security obligations, CSPs can monetize their billing services to the subscribers. Interconnect Services With the development of technology, the world has come closer. The proportion of people who travel from one part of the world to another has increased and they utilize telco services seamlessly. This is possible due to the interconnect agreement/business contract between CSPs. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) According to Gartner, there will be 8.4 billion connected things in 2017, setting the stage for 20.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be deployed by 2020. This shows the tremendous partnership potential between IoT players and CSPs, where CSPs will not only provide such devices with connectivity but also charge for such services. From the service offerings mentioned above, it is very clear that CSPs need to gear up for the new opportunities by extending their partnerships. Selecting the right partner settlement system is all the more important as it helps them sail smoother. Sterlite Tech’s partner management Systems offer an end-to-end automated partner management system that bill, rates and handles entire partner lifecycle requirements. Right from quick partnership agreements for new-generation content to superior reach via a partner network, Sterlite Tech’s Partner Management System helps in reducing time to market. It offers wholesale business information bifurcated into voice and content; thereby helping operators to make informed decisions.  

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