Operator need to transform Service Provisioning into Service Enabling

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      With the ever growing adoption of smart mobile devices, the demand for Wi-Fi access to stay connected to the internet regardless of the location (airport, stadium, public events, hotels or travel etc.) is also increasing. Although networks like 3G and 4G are now available at most of the countries, it is interesting to know Wi-Fi still remains as the preferred network. There are several reasons why people choose Wi-Fi over other networks: cost, device compatibility, network stability and speed. In fact, at some of the public places like hotels, pubs, city centres, stadiums, airports, etc. users can enjoy free Wi-Fi also. Having used the speed and coverage on Wi-Fi, the same freedom and flexibility is expected by users at all locations. With so many reasons, it will be fair to say that Wi-Fi has grown to be one of the most dependable technologies among the enterprise segments as well as other business environments. Innovative Business Model for Telecom Operators Almost all the businesses have deployed or are deploying wireless infrastructure to enable their customers to connect seamlessly to a network. Operators on the other hand are providing high cost bandwidth at cheaper rates to stay ahead in the competitive market. In addition, operators are also exploring newer options to enhance their business reach, adapt newer business models and generate more revenue. The current market is observing complete transformation where telecom operators as ‘Service Provisioners’ are turning into Service Enablers. Pre-Integrated Platform for Enabling Enterprise Businesses to Cater Seamless Wi-Fi Access The transition from service provisioning to enablers can be a challenging task because there are several angles which needs to be taken into consideration like organizational structure, business culture, business requirements, business models and strategies and much more. For operators to offer end-to-end service enablement across multiple locations of the enterprise, telecom operators need a comprehensive platform which provides pre-integrated modular components like authentication mechanism, subscriber management, payments, business applications integration, business and network intelligence, etc. Existing customer base at the enterprise venues like shopping malls, airports, public stadiums, city centres, government buildings, etc. are primary segments where telecom operators can enable their services to offer Enterprise Wi-Fi services. In addition to in-house network subscriber base, operators have a greater platform to connect enterprise customers and enable them to high quality Wi-Fi services. Along with the modular components, Sterlite Tech – Elitecore’s Enterprise Wi-Fi solution also offers significant advantage to operators in offering real-time customer Wi-Fi usage analysis, business applications integration support, personalized and customizable analytical reports, customer trend and profiling based ad campaigns, and Wi-Fi optimization as well as monetization business cases. With the help of personalized analysis reports, enterprise customers can also launch vivid promotions and deals as per the user profile and usage trends. It not only helps the enterprise customers to boost their business but also enable them to optimize the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Business Benefits The Enterprise Wi-Fi platform from Sterlite Tech enables operators to focus on what they are best at – catering Wi-Fi services to end customers of enterprises. High value customers like large enterprises, public hotspots, government, etc. offer a great convertible platform for operators to explore With innovative Wi-Fi solution platform, enterprise customers can also take advantage of the business intelligent analytical reports by enabling Wi-Fi access to customers. Telecom operator as well as enterprise customers can launch innovative deals and promotions based on the user trends, profiles and demands.

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