‘One Sterlite – One Specs’: Ensuring Product Consistency Across Borders

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Global data network solutions company Sterlite Tech stands amongst the largest integrated manufacturers of Optical Fibre (OF) in the world, with facilities in India, China, Italy and Brazil. The dynamic range of product offerings ensures a strong, fast and efficient network for clients, backed by next-gen software solutions.

As one might imagine, having facilities in multiple countries comes with its own set of challenges – consistency being a major one. Sterlite Tech recognizes this and seeks to proactively maintain consistency in quality. This philosophy has been termed: One Sterlite – One Specs.

The Transformation Team at Sterlite Tech worked on our highest selling optical fiber products, learning the best practices across India and China and replicating them across all plants to gain a global competitive advantage.

This is what Sanyam Jain of the Process Transformation Team had to say about the project:

“Internal Benchmarking has two parts: Specs Benchmarking and Measurement Benchmarking. A head-to-head spec comparison study informed us of what learnings to incorporate across borders. This was followed by Impact Analysis and Measurement Gap Analysis, which brought the best practices to all our manufacturing plants’’

As a next step, with the help of Cross Functional Team, benchmarking activities were conducted in Indian and Chinese OF factories over a period of 5 months and the G.652.D product was made consistent and at par with sustainable quality standards. The resulting correction in quality enabled all factories to produce standardized product and sell to the global market.

The team also created an automated Engineering Change Management process, with an eye towards increasing efficiency. All engineers were trained to facilitate implementation.

The automation – which is set to be replicated in all other product factories – has cut down the approval time required for the process by 80%. These innovations have together led to a higher than before First Time Right (FTR) rate.

This is just another example of how Sterlite Tech continues to uphold its promise of delivering quality and consistency, by creating an environment of efficiency with next-gen solutions.

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