Need for an IP Log Management System in Nigeria

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Recent News articles show Nigeria at the receiving end of Cyber attacks and crimes. I t needs to be checked sooner than later. According to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), at present, there are over 147 million active mobile connections in Nigeria. As the number of mobile subscribers increase, there is a dramatic increase in cyber threats targeting mobile devices. There is a need on ground to control cyber crimes for which the foundation has already been laid with Cyber crimes (Prohibition, Prevention) Act 2015 and the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011. As per section 38 of the Cyber crimes Act, a service provider is required to keep all traffic data and subscriber information for a period of two years. The data to be stored should consist of communication’s origin, destination, route, time, date, size, duration, and type. As a result, Telecom Operators and Internet Service Providers (ISP) need to have a robust IP Log Management System that provides end- to-end IP details and subscriber details such as: Time & Date Stamp, Source Private IP, Source Port, MSISDN No, Destination IP, Destination Port, MACID, NATed Public IP. The system should also be tamper proof so that evidence or traces cannot be edited or deleted. The Investigation agencies and vigilance authorities would require access of the system, so that they can retrieve relevant information faster with inbuilt search logic and filters to generate reports based on log messages. How Elitecore fits in Crestel IP Log Management system is a fully automated one click software solution that offers Telco’s a web based system to provide end to end information of the suspected user from the web-portal. It collects and stores log files for compliance audit. Scalability and flexibility in IP Log management system is achieved by multiple approaches of data collection and storage, hence reducing the load on a single server. Access rights for GUI based operations are provided to nodal officers and vigilance agencies. The investigation team can intercept and monitor on-going events in near real-time and also collect and store log files for compliance audit, analysis, breach -investigation assistance and reporting. Somewhere it is said that the 3rd world war might be fought on computers over the Internet against an army which is unknown. The onus is on us to find ways and means to counter attack and control them.

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