MVNOs: DIGITIZE to Create YOUR Niche

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Brick and mortar stores nowadays have a tough competition from Digital stores to sell products and services. In the digital era, Internet has changed the way we live, work and communicate. Nowadays, we can do almost everything over the internet, be it ordering a burger, buying a mobile, chatting with friends, sharing videos, watching movies etc. According to Total Retail Survey 2016 conducted by PWC, 54% of the respondents buy products online. A study conducted by Forrester Research states 64% of shoppers research their purchases online before buying offline. The same buying behavior is also applicable to the ever evolving Telecom ecosystem. Hence, it is imperative for operators to embrace the digital world quickly, which helps them to showcase their product and services to a large set of customers and maintain relevance. As per GSMA, there are over 1,250 MVNOs worldwide; and the competition has further heated up due to the rise of OTT Vendors, Multiple MNOs and saturated mobile penetration. To survive in this breakneck competition, merely competing on price will not be enough. MVNOs have the opportunity to exploit the benefits that stem from offering digital services to their tech savvy always connected customers, who are enabled by the proliferation of smart devices, connectivity & digital content. They prefer online mediums over offline mediums to satiate their needs. How digitizing will enable seamless user experience
  • A digital store front will enable customers to see and purchase a comprehensive array of products and services offered by the operator
  • Omni channel customer touch points will offer similar user experience across all channels, i.e. online store, mobile, call center, physical store, IVR etc.
  • Offer personalized services based on defined criteria such as customer behavior, characteristics, purchase history
  • Mobile App & Web Self Care Portals that enable customers to check data usage in real time, set data threshold limits, make online payments, upload KYC documents and get their queries resolved
  • Instant Service Provisioning & recharge
  • Cross-selling or up-selling by giving customers with relevant product recommendations
  • Enable customers to easily compare products, plan features, price online
  • Define keywords that redirect shoppers to a specific landing page – product page, basket, micro-site
Benefits to MVNOs
  • Higher customer reach with 24/7 access to MVNOs products and services from any location
  • Increase business volume without increasing staff
  • Higher client retention ratio
  • Personalized and Targeted online campaigns
  • Low Capex
  • Simplify sales process with automated sales assistants
  • Products and services can be modified quickly based on market feedbacks
MVNOs can take a giant leap forward in comparison to their competition as they build an exciting new level of customer experience by embracing digital platforms offered by vendors like Elitecore; that is tailored specifically for Telco operators with complete selling, marketing, monetization, revenue management, billing and self-care capabilities. With customer at the heart of the offering, it offers a complete new way to interact and engage with MVNOs – Customers and Partners, enabling them to monetize their services via every touch point, channel and device. Meet us at MVNOs Asia – Singapore, Oct 18-19, Stand No. 11 to discuss further on our Digital MVNO Offering.

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