Monetising opportunity with VoLTE and VoWiMAX Network

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How an operator monetized LTE & WiMAX services by offering multimedia services in one plan for the subscribers and enhanced their user experience? Elitecore technologies, a leading provider of B/OSS solutions, conducted a successful trial for VoLTE & VoWiMAX on this leading AF Vendor for IMS Networks. The trial was extensive and worked on multiple levels of services. Elitecore VoLTE solutions included the successful execution of a wide range of test cases including Conference call, Call waiting, Audio and/or Video calling using VoLTE and VoWiMAX, Audio and/or Video quality based charging,  Call forking i.e. one number on multiple devices, Differentiated charging plans like No Charging, Voice (No Charging / Metering only); Video (Time based), charging based on different location – by duration, Promotional offer; all subscribers, specific group of subscribers, CUG users, FnF (friends & family), roaming based time duration. Elitecore IMS solutions enabled critical features including  single IMS bucket for LTE & WiMAX, 3GPP release 12 IMS specification Support, Operator specific rounding off QoS logic support, Support of IMS package as part of base plan and as VAS plan, Total redundancy support in Rx and Ro call flow with no revenue leakage, Dynamic Policy / QoS Selection, Time based /Event Based charging, Data distribution logic in DRA, Multi-vendor P-Gateway, CSCF support, High reliability with failover backup, Alternative voice support, Emergency call prioritization, Global roaming support. With Elitecore’s solution operator can now monetize LTE & WiMAX services by offering multimedia services like video with voice, messaging and data as all in one plan to the subscribers and enhance their user experience.

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